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So, I bought a chameleon last week and the damned thing won't change colors no matter what I do. I took it to the vet today. Apparently it's got....a reptile dysfunction.

You may groan now.

ProudMary 8 July 21

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Have you tried cuddling?


Bravo....well done 😀?


I'm groaning.


major "groaner"...LOL;


A girl makes a guy joke, how cute.... Can a guy make a girl joke in return now? (Your turn to groan ????)

@ProudMary if the chameleon in your joke is female then my apologies..... (Not what I was aiming for but now I think you are going to groan some more.....and yes, just in case you wonder, I am just messing with you. No ill intent or let me get killed by lightning right now and...... pufffff.......

@ProudMary typing from an undisclosed location..... one can't be careful enough this days !!!

@ProudMary as it should be..... it's all in good fun, ok?




Groan indeed ... old joke

@ProudMary perhaps it's time ... <smile>




Good joke.

Bobby9 Level 8 July 21, 2018

That is really funny???


Yep I heard reptile dysfunction is pretty popular nowdays among men.... Did you tried feed him that Viagra thing?

@ProudMary You can't argue with smart gardener. Show picture if your tomatoes start to look like zuchinis

@ProudMary So next question is did you watered your planted chameleon?

@ProudMary You really are a good gardener... can you cook?

@ProudMary Never been a cook myself but I admire those who are. I wish I could brag about my cooking... I won't go hungry though.... there is a need right there.


Funnier than an erectile dysfunction LOL.


I hear a little flame darkens their color


Have ours about 3 months he changes color on mood which he is mostly angry. When he goes hunting he does change to fool the prey. The best advice that I had gotten is direct sunlight can affect his chromatophores and that artificial light is better for them. []

azzow2 Level 9 July 21, 2018

@ProudMary Just one of many animals in our personal zoo.

@ProudMary LOL.


As a kid, I bought a chameleon. After a few days, he turned white and stopped moving.

Admin Level 8 July 21, 2018

Mine got away and we didn't find it for several months. When we found it, it was grey, all dried up.

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