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Fuhrer Trump's Military Parade A Waste?

sassygirl3869 9 July 24

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Sounds like trump should just drop his pants and show us what is what. A lot cheaper and would finally satisfy trump's ego.


You know I am really getting tired of all your comments. I agree with all of them, keep it up. Thanks


When l was in the Army we hated parades. A horrible waste of time and money. This is his "My dick is bigger than your dick" moment. We know this isn't true, we've seen the hands.

We called it Dog and Pony Show when I was in the Army. And yes we hated it. Thank you for your service. I was active duty from 77 to 82.

@HippieChick58 Thank you for your service. 68 to 70


I can't believe the military is actually going along with this. Which makes me wonder if we've already tilted into a neo-communist regime, and the military is officially behind Trumpty Dumpty.


Personally I dislike referencing Trump-Hitler bc I think the hyperbole on both sides hurts us and might give us another 4 years of Trump.

As a combat vet the parade is an utter waste of time, money and other resources.

If the military is forced to do a parade, they'll do it but they'll piss and moan a lot and my guess is Trump's approval among military will slightly decrease.


This parade is utter BS!!! As a vet, I am insulted because I know vets and current military are being exploited and used as an excuse to massage the Traitor, Cadet Bone Spurs ego and nothing more. I urge everyone, including and most importantly veterans and current military to boycott this massive waste of tax payer dollars as well as the insult it inflicts on us all. I urge that there be counter parades and counter demonstrations against this so that the Fuhrer gets a LOUD and CLEAR message how much we despise him and what he stands for.

Add to this the under paid military and the continuing purchase of military goods the military does not want Cannons that are obsolete,trucks that do not meet requirements for military use,water buffalo's that are obsolete, and the need to replace ar15's with a better type assualt rifle and sidearms.


I guess North Korea and Russia are having an effect on him. It's just a huge dick-measuring session. Dicks for dicks.

His is obscure


He wants a dictators parade.

Marine Level 8 July 24, 2018

Couldn’t agree more.

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