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I think I'm failing at parenting. My kid just turned off Tom Petty to put on Billy Idol. ?

Nottheonlyone 7 July 24

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No, you are succeeding, he isn't listening to rap or hip-hop.


Is there room for both?

Of course, I just have my own biases.


My 8 year old girl is suddenly obsessed with ABBA... I think that's a great change..just surprised me...??


Seriously? If your kid is listening to Billy Idol (in favor of Tom Petty) he/she is way more retro than most, and you most certainly are not failing. My goal in life was to impress my kids with the music of my youth ... Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, early Genesis and wild and crazy bands like the Tubes. I was blown away when my son bought me tickets to a Dream Theater concert, and my daughter joined a David Bowie cover band in college! The good stuff bridges many generations. And in turn, my kids helped introduce me to Radiohead, Tool and Beck.


Sounds like #winning to me.


Looks like you're gonna have to kill it.

Duke Level 8 July 25, 2018

hay at least it wasn't to put on cindi lauper.. or bruce springstein

Hey, now! I love both of those artists!

@Nottheonlyone i knew somebody had to! i like billy idol AND tom petty... but more tom petty. only like one song 'dancin in the dark'.. never really liked cindi lauper.


Awesome. White wedding

Actually, it was Mony Mony. And we had just listened to Dancing With Myself (and yes, he knows it's about masturbation).

@Nottheonlyone Wait, don't forget Eyes Without a Face!

@Nottheonlyone lmao. That's what dancing with myself is about !!! Damn.


At least it wasn't bieber.

LEPeff Level 8 July 24, 2018

I like Billy Idol — the punk spirit and all. And even though I think Tom Petty was the better lyricist, I like Billy Idol's sound and style better. Either way, your kid can't go very wrong.


you showed him independent thinking.
Now show him the lip pull... Fleeesssh or the silent lyrics of Mony Mony (go M-F get L get F).... Be a cool Mom!

Lukian Level 8 July 24, 2018

I did teach him the secret lyrics! And he smirked when he heard them. I love that kid!

@Nottheonlyone then I like your Mommy skills!! lol.


No if your kid turns off Led Zeppelin for Justin Bieber THEN you have failed at parenting!


You are doing it right


Billy Idol is classic. I'm actually surprised a kid would be interested in either Tom Petty or Billy Idol or even know who they are considering their careers peeked sometime in the 70's or 80's.

But music taste is so subjective and personal and what he/she listens to now may be very different than what he/she listens to in 5 or 10 or 20 years.

He's been on a 70's/80's kick for a while now. It's actually lovely that we like a lot of the same stuff.

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