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What's your take on demonic possession and the churches ritual for expelling demons? I'm watching Emily Rose and of course, I've seen the Exorcist and every other movie that involved this... Just wondering what atheist and agnostics, think about this subject?

ConnieR 5 Jan 9

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Ahahaha, this is fun new non-news:

Fake news claims Melania Trump hired an exorcist to cleanse the White House



I think it is hysteria, and possibly good drama. Or a crock of BS, take your pick.


The evidence is pretty overwhelming, and its not true. I have spoken to people who beleive in this sort of thing. I am convinced that they really do think its true. They are not liars, they are just wrong. Watching movies may be entertaining, and I watch them too, but if you want to educate yourself on the subject, listen to someone like Derren Brown on the subject. I posted a link below of a famous tv show he did in the UK called seance. its on for an hour, but well worth watching. I think it was one of the most complined about tv shows of all time over here in the UK


Just more of the woo being dished out.


its a pile of shit


Possession by a fictional creature, nope. A ritual to expel a possessing fictional creature, even more nope.


There are churches in the U.S. that specialize in exorcism. Interesting the people whom start going to these churches do not have demon problems until they "discover" them once going to the church. The moral of the story here is they literally "create their own demons".
It becomes in this micro-culture, to be expected to go through the rights of exorcism to show the group they are "saved from Satan".
It is really a sociological phenomenon.


In the real-life case of Emily Rose (Anneliese Michel), all four participants in the exorcism were found guilty of negligent homicide. She had epilepsy, not demons.

My late husband suffered from epilepsy after sustaining a traumatic brain injury. He was advised by a conservative Christian pastor (who was also his uncle) that he was experiencing demon oppression, possibly possession, and told him that he should go through a "deliverance" which is the protestant equivalent to exorcism. Because of his fragile state of mind, this sent him over the edge and he killed himself that same day.

From a WordPress blog called Blogger Priest, here’s an excerpt from his post titled “How True Was The Exorcist Story“:

"*J. de Tonquedec (1886-1962), a psychologist and the official exorcist of the diocese of Paris for over 20 years, doubted that he ever found a real case. He wrote😘

“Exorcism is an impressive ceremony, capable of acting effectively on the unconscious of a sick person. The adjurations addressed to the demon, the sprinkling of holy water, the stole passed around the patient’s neck, the repeated signs of the cross and so forth, are very capable of creating a diabolical mythomania in word and deed in a psyche already weak. Call the devil and you will see him; or rather not him, but a portrait made of the sick person’s idea of him. It is for this reason that certain priests, due to their inconsiderate and imprudent practice of exorcising, create, confirm and encourage the very disorders that they want to suppress.

This barbaric practice should be illegal. How many must die before it is?


I think many people who go through with exorcism are looking for attention, good or bad. To some, any attention is better than none. I could be wrong.


Pure theatre


I worked with the Chronically Mentally Ill - I still remember the first time a client called me "The Handmaiden of Satan". Ok and my co-worker who was standing beside also got this full blast. I also remember my Roman Catholic Mother saying "Religious Delusions in Mental Illness are some of the worst". (Not in reference to the patient because - HIPPA!) but in general. To this day I agree. Routed in something so many believe - but fabricated by the mind and body. How to convince a religious person they aren't suffering from some unknown/known past crime? How to make them realize that medication might just help this? Often they want to hold on to the delusion to get closer to their God? Such a cyclical thing.


It's a dangerous thing to tell someone who's mentally ill, they're possessed and then subject them to exorcism. I'm not a mental health professional, but even I can see that's probably the worst way to handle it.


Angels and demons fit nicely into that same compartment where god is; contrived concepts used by the church to control people.


I love possession movies. As for the actual existence of 'possession'...low on my personal probability scale...I would bet most 'possession' cases are mental illness.


Atheists are immune to possession. Almost makes one think it's bullshit....

Whenever I see a comment of yours I like it. Must be on the same wavelength.


They should stop making those wafer things with such potent ergot.



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