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Why do women shave off their eyebrows just to pencil it back in? lol!

johnny-g-string 3 July 26

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I have been wondering about this since I watched my mother tweeze hers.


Pencil them? What about the ones that Tattoo them? Well... Puertorricans guys being doing their eyebrows for many years now... Maybe that is what keeps me from going back... I don't do my eyebrows!!!! Back in the late 60's 2 brothers friends of mine were the only one doing it since their teens and girls were into eyebrows and loved theirs... It was a secret that only few of us knew... hell... They had the coolest boots you could find... yep the secret was going to NYC and picking up females boots back in the Picadilly Circus Fashion Bellbottoms era. Now guys with Unibrow... that never, ever been cool... not even in the nba. THE SECRETS OF YOUR FRIENDS THAT YOU KEEP!!! 50 YEARS IS ENOUGH.


My daughters are both blond, my youngest doesn't shave hers but she does pencil them in darker because "I don't want to look like I don't have any eyebrows like Gabby" (read in your best snotty teenage girl voice). Lol


Microblading is the new eyebrow pencil...much more natural and lasts a lot longer...


Beats me. I think it looks fake and asinine.


What?? You don't find this attractive?????


Hilarious! Good one.


Those women scare me !


I know older women who have to draw on eyebrows simply because they no longer have them. When we get older we have less hair and eyebrows aren't as thick as when we were young. So along with years of waxing and plucking, many women simply don't have eyebrows and have to draw them on.



I don't know anyone who does this. I do know women who trimmed their brows very thin when it was in style years ago who now pencil over them to make them appear thicker since thicker ones are in style now. Hair follicles are one of those things that can be damaged enough that the style becomes permanent. That's true of skin. It's why I am wary of skin damaging fads.


None of your business.


Simple: They are convinced their eyebrows are shaped wrong or in the wrong place, so they "move" them. Whaaa? You're not fooled by the pencil? hmm... go figure.


They just draw over the top and pluck the stray mainly, but yes there have been comedy skits implying the above. i.e. if they don't draw in their eyebrows do we know when a woman's angry?


Unlike the existence or non-existence of God, this question might never be answered.


That's so 1930s, didn't know people are doing it these days. Nobody I know does it, though.

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