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Hi fellow non-believers,
It appears that I am the oldest person in the room, possibly by a quarter of a century. Do any of you have a cool mother or grandmother?
For Now,

RogerToo 2 Jan 10

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I don't want to say I'm old, but I used to babysit God when he was young. God now comes to me when HE has memory lapses.


A quick search revealed a couple of people 82 and one says 100 but his image doesn't match his age lol


Nice to meet you. I find that their lots of wisdom with age.


I love that we had folks who are atheist and older. Can always learn something from another generation! I don't know that I've known any atheists a generation further than mine? But I don't know that they would have brought it up? I had a few Yankee neighbors who would be over 100 now who might easily have been as I don't remember them attending Church and they were REALLY pragmatic.


Gotcha by a couple of years there, @RogerToo

We, I suppose, represent the senior wing.


I AM a cool grandmother.

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