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Their are things that can be proven to be unprovable. Nobody has the answers to everything. And the reason we don't ask ourselves about what is not known is because that's exactly what we fear the most. We fear what we don't know, so we believe its safer to not ask ourselves to believe in something we can't understand. If someone knew everything about everything and everyone, we would fear them for what they know. Correct?

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TheAlchemist 3 July 29

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there is no 'we' constituency that fears what we don't know some of us do some of us don't - I fond it very difficult to un include myself from people 'we'-ing. Life is enough

jacpod Level 8 July 30, 2018

Wisdom and knowledge remove any fear from one's life. Fear only lives within us when we do not accept the challenge of life to learn and succeed.

Marine Level 8 July 29, 2018

Knowledge can be good or bad.


Actually to be omnisenct (all-knowing) is self contradictory bc there is certainty in not knowing. If I knew all, then I know a specifically that I know that I could never know x, but since I know all I must know x, therefore a logical contradiction (the case I know x and not the case I know x). Well always we know that the existence of any all knowing god cannot logically exist. πŸ˜‰


To know even deep down inside that what you believe is not real seems to me to be far less preferable than not knowing… Ultimately they are the same thing except one is honest and the othe is not.


There are things that are inherently unprovable. Supernatural beings and realms are inherently so for example, because we inherently can have no knowledge of anything outside the natural world.

The unknown is not uniformly feared. People tend to most fear certain particular unknowns (or at least imagined unknowns) such as their mortality. There's relatively little angst about, say, whether it will be cloudy on this day next week or not.

The typical general response to a feared unknown is not to avoid thinking about it, but to invent explanations out of thin air for it.

If someone knew everything and everyone, on the basis that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely -- sure, you'd think twice about trusting such a being.

Absolute power only corrupts the selfish and unjust

@TheAlchemist Yeah and god is supposedly not selfish or unjust, despite constantly being depicted as a selfish, unjust asshat.


I don't fear not knowing what I just read is supposed to mean, or not mean, not knowing proof.

Refrase this....?


Time for a new hobby, sweetie, or volunteer at the animal shelter. You only have one life!
P.S. I fear nobody, regardless of their supposed knowledge. Why should i?

You fear nobody because that person doesnt exist. But if they did, you would fear them. You missed the whole question.

My hobby is to question existance. I think logically, which covers all aspects of life and I don't believe in one thing over the next. I want to keep learning human behaviors because I am intrigued about finding the reason behind what people do, say, believe, and why.

@TheAlchemist ummm, what? I fear no person, nor potential deity, either. Why should i??
I have a bunch of hard questions if I should meet such, and a swift kick in the nuts should that dirty Bastard be a "he", richly deserved!


Lol there ,their and they're

Simon1 Level 7 July 29, 2018

No, I just don't think everything matters. I often wonder why anyone even cares when I see some of the research out there and arguments that happen over some of the most inane topics.

You don't think everything matters? If it has matter, than it matters. And everything was created from something, therefore it matters. If people thought the same way you did, then what if they thought you didnt matter and they took you out of existence? That wouldnt matter?

Only to a few. I don't particularly matter in the big picture. Very few do.

I don't care about why. I'm concerned with how to make what is functional.

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