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Jesus! I am level 6, how did that happen? 😐🎂

Is there a secret society as the level goes up? super powers? cake?

ripcurldane 7 Jan 11

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I didn't care about the levels until someone mentioned cake....

whats your favourite cake? 😛


I hear you get chocolate chip cookies, but don't ask me how you get them, I'm still level 5.


You sir, are now a role model for many of us.


wait to you hit level7. If I reveal the secret they will have to kill me


Cake? I am hoping there is cake. That is what I am looking for when I get to that level.


How’d you guess?


We do have a ceremony for 6s. We all meet up, dress in black robes, and sacrifice a small kitten in the name of our Dark lord. You have to find 2 other new 6s, as we do the ceremony in threes.

do we have to sacrifice a kitten, couldn't we instead make a virgin or something?

@ripcurldane virgins are for level 10 members.

@SocraticAddict ah I see, that will give me something to work towards then 🙂


You didnt get a poobah avatar frame?


Yeah and after level 7 things slow down to a c r a w l.......


Just pride and setting goals for Level 7. LOL.


A miracle?

Admin Level 8 Jan 11, 2018

that's the word I was looking for lol

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