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Does trolling trolls make you a troll?

AbramH85 6 Aug 1

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Maybe not, but it promotes more traffic to the remark and gives the troll a larger audience; so consider what you want to accomplish before you do.

JimG Level 8 Aug 1, 2018

It depends on if you are seeking them out and how much time you are dedicating to it.

Simply responding to assnine comments now and again is good old fashioned fun 😉


I used to argue and exchange insults with the alt-right after the 2016 election before I realized it was useless. Now I roll my eyes and ignore them, and avoid websites and posts that attract them.


No! Makes you an internet hero!

Carin Level 8 Aug 1, 2018



I hate trolls. Especially Jeff Sessions. He's a troll. Remember that old TV program "Real Stories of the Highway Troll?"


I think it makes you a troll troller.

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