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What is the ONE thing that makes you the happiest? What is the ONE thing you wish you had in your life?

By Our_existence9
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A love/sexual relationship, an intimate partner to experience those things in our bucket list that are more fun done with a partner is what I wish I had in my life. The thing that makes me happiest right now is my puppy, but it can’t compare to being in love with a woman.


I love hiking to alpine lakes surrounded by white glaciers and jagged mountain peaks. After dark, I look up and feel awed by the glowing Milky Way and billions of sparkling stars. We all need more low-level ecstasy in our lives.

In the mountains, I feel most centered and grounded.

I miss the tender touch, laughter, conversation, intimacy, teamwork and fun of a committed, loving relationship.

Thanks. I'm in beautiful Spider Meadows, WA.


I can't give just ONE answer, but I'll limit to a couple of things.
My music.
Making people happy.
And things I wish I had would be that I didn't have schizo-affective disorder, and I wish My best friend were still alive.


My daughter makes me happy, and proud. She's a very bright, beautiful woman, and she loves her dad. I feel very fortunate to live near enough to see her and my son-in-law fairly often.

As for what's missing? Someone who wants to be with me and accepts me for who I am; and whose life I can enrich.

Condor5 Level 8 Aug 2, 2018

Like the guy below, someone to love who loves me.


Riding my motorcycle. Wishing I had someone on the back seat with me to share it.


Playing and teaching (I'm a professional musician). And I wish EVERYONE had financial security.


I have most everything working to keep me happy and personality growing.

There is always one desire not completely fulfilled yet. Is a lover to follow each other to the end of the earth.?


What makes me happiest? Friends I suppose.

The only other things I really want are 1. Someone to share this life with. 2. Financial security. 3. Legal weed.

Bjy001 Level 7 Aug 2, 2018

The ONE thing....I guess, would be finding someone to love/take care of/be a companion/partner with, and, who wants something like those same things with me.

A very close second: Still not done feeling I need to contribute to the world, still. Able to retire from my long career in NASA; if I could find something somewhere that allowed me to still do something meaningful part-time, - and in a good place with a good person!- would make the thought of retiring a lot easier

Hope it happens for you!!! By the guys at NASA give a LOT to the world. You are not unappreciated!


My development makes me the happiest and when I can to help others.
I wish I had in my life more love but I think isn't late to have


Live music makes me the happiest.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Aug 2, 2018

I am going to go out on a limb here and say money and lots of it. It would make me happy to know that I could help out a lot of people, if only I had money. It would help to alleviate a lot of heartbreak, frustration and hopelessness for some people who are down on their luck smile002.gif


Being important to someone else.


Peace & quiet, and knowing it will continue........


My son. smile003.gif

Savage Level 7 Aug 2, 2018

I have pretty much everything I have wished for. What makes me happiest at this time when not enjoying my peace and quiet, are hugs and smiles from my little grandsons, 1 & 4 years old. So sweet!

Julie808 Level 7 Aug 2, 2018

Give me a Muse that enjoys whatever media I choose. That see me as her Muse and pays it forward... not competing. Collusion toward a Magical ending in Happiness and Harmony. With Romantic sparkling because we fulfill each other.

  1. the beach
  2. I wish I lived near the beach. LOL

Financial security.

Sydland Level 7 Aug 29, 2018

To love and be loved and I wish I had a houseboat to explore our great north country during the summer months.

MsHoliday Level 8 Aug 11, 2018

I am happiest when I am engaged in artwork of any kind - I do have a first in fine and applied arts but I don't make to sell, just to be engaged, much of my stuff I give away or throw away or keep in boxes. I do a lot of textile art and am teaching that at the moment - I am also very happy in the garden.

jacpod Level 8 Aug 3, 2018

Just one thing? That’s not easy. I would say the answer to no. 1 would be animals and dance although if I had to choose it would be animals.

One thing I wish I had in my life? More time to dance and choreograph. Just more time to devote to dance I guess is what I meant.


1: Companionship.
2: Friends, close ones would be perfect but any will do.


Hearing children happy.
Wish... I had my hair back smile001.gif

FynTul Level 6 Aug 3, 2018

1) I'd have to say making music.

2) A partner to share it with.

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