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What is your biggest fear of the future? Or fears? Mine is the Republifuckans f'ing up SS and Medicare so I will never be able to retire. And that orange pos in the WH playing with the button and never mind retirement.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 12

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If you are seriously worried about your potential ability to retire, you may find some interesting videos on retiring in places like Ajijic, Mexico, on Lake Chapala; Atitlan in Guatemala; and San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. There are fairly large expat communities in those areas made up of primarily Americans and Canadians, also other's from other countries. It is safe in those places, you don't have to speak the language (though it would be good to learn), and you can live well for a fraction of what it costs in the USA. There is also good medical care available for relatively little. But, look for yourself, you may be surprised. And many of the Americans went down there because of the political sh** going on here. Go on YouTube and check it out. Just put in Ajijic in the search box.

I actually was reading up on that a few years ago. I decided I wanted to try Cuenca, Ecuador first. Then my daughter had a baby... And another daughter is having another baby. I wanna stay close by and be Grammy. We were a military family when the kids were little, then never really got to know their grandparents. I want to be there for mine. They're all within 20 miles of me now.


A complete collapse of the U.S. economy into a situation such as currently happening in Venezuela.


Same as @AMGT, if something happens to my kids I am out...


I think it is unlikely that republicans will be able to fuck up SS and medicare in any big way, simply because a large portion of their base are seniors. If they messed with it in a big way, they would in effect drum themselves out of office. Or, at least I hope so. I am losing confidence in the intelligence of the average Americans.

My biggest fear is that the current stock market bubble will burst, and the middle class will be too down trodden for any kind of immediate recovery. We are talking "Great Depression" or worse financial collapse. Teh biggest problem with "trickle down' is nothing trickles down, and the middle class has been shrinking since the 1980's. The middle class is our economic consumer bse. Once they are gone are past a tipping point, recovery takes more than a decade or longer, as was demonstrated by the Great Depression. If people can't afford to consume goods and serices, the economy falls like dominoes. That is my biggest fear...

Unless I start thinking about North Korea and nuclear war.

The USA is a command economy for oligarchs. ...yes 70% is consumers but monetarism is the root of ignorant voters voting against their self interests. ...people got skinny 1930-1941 and the war fattened up 25 million veterans and munitions workers back home DETROIT unions led the growth 1953-1963 but destroyed railroads and built INTERSTATE DEFENSE HIGHWAYS LBJ began inflation borrowing for genocide v gooks took silver out of currency Carter deregulation paved the way for ReaGUN fascism ever since

@GreenAtheist Yes, the U.S. politicians are obligated to the oligarchs who funded their elections. However, the oligarchs have never forgotten the French revolution, or what happens when they totally disregard teh interests of th emasses altogether. At least they have not forgotten it in the lst 200 years. They may be geting a bit too full of themselves once again. We'll see.

@snytiger6 the guillotine was possible in the days of musket and sword. ...Americans won't give up their "arms" from that Era but are the best private guns any match for infrared drones hunting us down like runaway chattel slaves ?

@GreenAtheist I remember a TV show called "Dark Angel" that was not too far off that scenario.

My basic belief is that their is nothing that is so evil or depraved that someone won't try to do it in pursuit of money and/or power. That is basically what history has taught me. On the one hand such (evil) persons are few, but on the other hand they usually seek positions of influence and power. I do believe though tht most people are basically "good."


Things aren't much better over here. Without a lottery win (even more unlikely for me than most, as I don't play it) I don't expect to ever be able to retire - in fact, I think I'll probably have to work until I drop dead, and if there's still a state pension by then I'll be very surprised. Meanwhile, the Conservative government seems so determined to keep hammering the National Health Service that you have to wonder if the plan is to run it down so much that when they eventually abolish it people will say "oh well, it was crap anyway."

Jnei Level 8 Jan 12, 2018

Who are the modeled MPs following the wise Tony Benn ?

@GreenAtheist The left is growing stronger under Corbyn - Benn would have been glad if he were here to see it!


Better to keep Trump than promote Pence.
I'm sure Dems will make a comeback in mid term elections. However, Will they make a difference?

I wouldn't bet a simple nickle they will improve anything. Just add their own versions of muck

twill Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

mine is too many humans fucking up such an amazing planet. how selfish are we?


Not being able to take care of myself as I age is mine. I did not raise my kids to care for me. I fear being a burden to them.

The number one source of care giving is marriage not children and #2 are healthcare professionals. ...people our age should be honestly training and preparing themselves to care and be cared for by those we love


My greatest fear is that the damnable collusion between the Trump cabal, the Power-hungry evangelical leaders, the culture of greed, and the Republicans who are all too willing to sell us out could destroy out democracy.

Republocrats should be included on your list and we have been an oligarchy of Senators Judges banksters & militarists since 1783 only Congress was designed to resemble democracy in the BILL of RIGHTS 1789 Amendment 1 fifty thousand persons per Congressional District needing 27 more states to ratify this most important of the 12 RIGHTS curbing incumbent corruption


I am not afraid of the future too busy NOW dealing with fearsome challenges like TrumpOLINI Kock Bros Ryan McConnell McCarthyism rapist popes corrupt US Sup Ct and ignorant voters who CANNOT count to 3


Yes Ryan fucking with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will attack my means of survival. Also fear piece of shit trump using his hate and bigotry to mold immigration policies in his effort to make US white again.


Mine has to be rampant ignorance, which seems to be increasing exponentially.

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