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I don’t know about you but I’m sick of this Chinese climate change hoax. I thought I was going to die of heat stroke every time I walked to or from my car. Someone better make them knock it off.

Novelty 8 Aug 3

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Cautious you are beginning to think trumper tells the truth.


I found a remedy, albeit not a practical one for all; I moved 5 miles from the beach. I was in Corona, CA, where it's right now 20 degrees hotter on a daily basis. I've been here in Oxnard, and I don't think it's gotten above 80 here yet.


Global warming appears to be real but I'm OK if it doesn't get above 95. My indoor AC is set on 80 most of the time. Never below 75.


Still confusing climate change with weather. Good luck to you.

As the climate changes so does the weather.............


Funny man.


Ok so I have to ask... What on earth are you talking about? When did climate change become a Chinese thing? I mean I know I don't really keep up with the news but did I miss something?

Byrd Level 7 Aug 3, 2018

Very funny! Global warming aka climate change is real.

Ask those folks in the Philipines, Vietnam, the Caribean, and elsewhere that are experiencing record-breaking hurricanes. California and Oregon forest fires and Florida sea level change if it's real. For some reason, evangelicals can't believe in reality. Our Pres. seems to have tapped into that fact.

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