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Would you rather date someone with opposing political views or opposing religious views?

antman 7 Aug 4

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Oven that for me they usually are the same thing, it’s a non issue. No!


That's like making me choose between being punched in the face and kicked in the nuts

I take punched in the face.


I think I might just collect dogs for awhile and forget about dating...


Nope. Been there, done that. Each time religion/politics came up, I wanted to claw their eyes out as I can't stand ignorant idiosity. This led me to understand about that I'm attracted to smart human beings. Someone who supports Trump or looks up to the sky and prays to get that job done instead of getting work done and making progress... Nope - I'm going to bitch slap them.


Neither. Flat out. I'd rather be single forever.

@pinklotus18 I 3rd it. The hell with making my life miserable just to "have" someone. Blech


I couldn't date someone with either. I answered all the questions on e harmony years ago and it told me to go back and change my answers that they didn't have a match for me! ?

Hahahahaha. Awesome 🙂


Religious. I've successfully done that in the past. But political ? - especially now ? After "it" has been in office a while, and we know what he's about ? NO - never happen.

I cannot even conceive of being in a relationship with anyone who supports the current occupant of the White House. I can accept differences of opinion on fiscal policy, foreign relations, and military policy as valid differences of opinion, but I refuse to become involved with someone who supports racism and fascism.


After seeing how the Christian right continues to support Trump, I would say that political views are more important. I think politics has more of an impact on behavior. The liberal religious people I know are very accepting of non-believers.


These days they are the same thing???? I'll pass. I would rather have a root canal ?.


I like the question...A progressive Christian who was tolerant of my atheism.....I might be able to live with that


Neither. Not going to happen. I have standards.

Thank you. My thoughts exactly


Neither. It would never happen


Neither. Regarding politics, I don't see myself dating a republican. Most are arrogant, stupid, and bigoted. Regarding religion, I'd like the woman I date not to suffer from IFS (imaginary friend syndrome). And I'd also like not to date a woman living in a fantasy world.


They're the same thing.


In the past, I have dated both. Politics wasn't really a big deal. Religion wasn't really a big deal. Fast forward to today, and facing the divisions we're all dealing with, religion pales in comparison to the political divide. In conclusion, I'd date someone religious before ever considering dating a Trump supporter. They can go to hell, which does not exist, but y'all get my point.

Lynus Level 2 Aug 4, 2018

Neither. I'd try to introduce them to each other and see how that works out.


Opposing Religious views are definitely easier for me to deal with than oppoding political views. Religious views I will respect if that's what gets them through their day. Their religion is their moral compass and personal belief system. As long as they don't impose it on me, I have no interest in arguing about it. However, political views can change society, change our rights and effect us on a real life level. Those are worth discussing, debating and understanding.


Oy. We're going to have to set some definitions here. I would date a theist, provided that they were a sane and respectful one. It might even be fun, because I still find the concept of religions interesting. I don't think I would be able to handle a conservative or libertarian of any religious stripe. Religious fundies are right out though.


The problem is that these are only 2 of a myriad of reasons I wouldn't go on a 2nd date with someone.

@schway At my 'stage of life' It wouldn't make any difference. That mistake was made with my first wife.


The mode of thinking is so bizarre with both that it spills over to everything else. Never happen!!


No. I couldn't do either.


I wouldn't date either.
I'm not looking to argue with someone all the time.

But make up sex.....

@antman No. There is no "make-up sex" with that kind of bullshit.
That is far too intrinsic to basic character to overlook. Even IF the
sex is good.


Opposing religious views, no question at all. I'm happy to compromise with a religious person and respect their views if they'll respect mine. I am absolutely not willing to compromise with far right-wingers, and they most certainly won't respect my views so I could not respect theirs even if I didn't find those views abhorrent..

Jnei Level 8 Aug 4, 2018

Umm... no. I mean if a supporter of our current politics.. no. I guess it would be fine if conservative and maybe Republican- as long as they don't support idiot cheeto.
Religion is a deal breaker.
No room for imaginary friends.


I can’t being comfortable with either. I’d rather not date, thanks anyway.

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