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Geese, so many middle aged people here. Where are all the young adults? Really not looking for someone much older than myself and the restrictions / profile preferences don't seem to alter the algorithm or anything. No offense middle aged adults, but you are NOT my type haha

EmmJay 3 Aug 5

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I actually think you deserve a real answer without prejudice. Yes there are many middle age people here because of the life dynamics of losing a religion and gaining independence thinking. The stats show that religion is less important amongst millenials. For many here that view was imposed on them growing up. Many of us live, work and interact with theist zealots every day. This website is an outlet and a place to potentially find a like minded person later in life. Many have landed here thinking of finding a partner but have stayed because they found a community of rational speaking people.
If dating within your own age group is all you're looking for, this is probably not the right place (currently). It may change in the future since the site is still young and growing.

I think that’s a really nice answer. When I was a kindergarten assistant (some time ago) and the children constantly asked, “Why this? Why that?”, I discovered that a really good answer to teach them to think for themselves is, “I wonder?”. The less dreamy children would challenge that, of course. I remember one little boy, Douglas, stopped himself right after asking and said, “I know, I know, I have to think of it myself” (though that isn’t ever what I said).

@Elusia8 Thanks


Jeez you're rude. Nuff said.


I think you meant to say, Jeez. Geese does come across a bit odd, lol.

Yes I did. Oops! 🙂


They're playing video games in mommy's basement.


WTF do geese have to do with middle age folks???

Just waking up and I thought the same for a split second, that this post was going to be about birds?


What have geese got to do with anything around here ?

Predictive text really ducks...


You've gotta go recruit some, EmmJay.


Obviously, you haven't discovered that we ''middle aged'' people are a LOT smarter than "your type." It's'll get here.

If you're lucky!


Umm, you’re age is might want to fix that. No offense.

Gosh I hope it is! All I've had is 30+ year old men messaging me, a 21 yro. No thank you


I think the younger generation are mainly too busy getting laid or wasted to bother coming here!

Salo Level 7 Aug 5, 2018

Well, the snowflakes have 99% of social media sewn up, so I guess the adult adults have to end up somewhere...


Awwww, you poor thing.


No offense taken. I have no interest in a 20 something either.


Hey 19, we got nothin' in, we can't talk at all....


Not only oblivious to the feelings of others but blatant about it! Please go back to watching "The Kardashians", you are bothering the adults


Geese ? Where ? My favorites are the Canada variety ...

No offense taken, by the way. We all are what we are agewise, can't do much about that. I'm sure you'll locate some of your own tribe in time ...


There are young people on here but they don't tend to post much or stay.
I've tried to get my girl on here, she's your age, but she can't be sussed to do it, being sucked up someplace else online. That's no reflection on you, but there are atheist young ppl out there that just won't bother with this. shrugs

You've got an edge tho in that not so many kids being raised religious as in the slightly older generations so you might be more likely to meet similar age/mindset IRL or in a multitude of other avenues online.
Otoh your delivery is a little bumpy, js. 🙂


I came here because I'm atheist and I'm also a free thinker. I never looked at the site as a dating site, but if I find someone here then so be it. I'm also a bit more than middle aged and I'm an activist and computer geek.

The younger generation is concerned with getting laid, or drunk, and maybe just playing games. Claims of many of them that they do not believe in gods are no more than rebellion because they seem to believe in so many other things and do so without evidence. There are no gods and there is nothing that goes bump in the night.

Best of luck on your dating whether you find someone here or in other places.


Thank goodness.


I'm not sure where I fall into your age category, but damn, some people got bitter about your post. hahaha. You have preferences in dating just like everyone else. It's completely acceptable you don't want to date someone middle aged (aka twice your age).

I've also noticed that a majority of people here are middle age to older adults, wondered what is the average age for members here and what are percentages of members based on age groups (Teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, etc). I like looking at statistics 😛

But this site can be a good way to meet fellow atheists/agnostics/free-thinkers, form friendships, share ideas, or talk about random stuff.


"Open to meeting men, women, trans men, trans women, genderfluids and others"

Is there something wrong with that? I appreciate people who are inclusive and don't limit themselves to "societal norms".

@LimeySteve I agree. It seemed ironic next to the post excluding so many people. Meant no disrespect.

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