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How much of the allure of religion, for men , is just for the illegitimate entitlements of male dominance over women that religions dictate, encourage , demand ? Patriarchy !

Scottzillyun 6 Aug 7

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Thats a really interesting point, I had never considering that. But of course a social structure where men are dominant would be attractive to many people, it makes perfect sense. I’d think it is a fairly substantial incentive.


"for men" seems to imply that we are one homogenous herd. Pretty sure - or at least hopeful - that we're not.

It's probably a big deal for some men, consciously or subconciously.. others just want to be on top whoever is underneath, others just want to belong to whatever power structures will have them.

Yeah , obviously the allure only exists for
those ' men ' who are allured by it .
And obviously some of us men don't desire artificially constructed self-serving social hierarchies of any kind.


Mmmmmm....try 90%. And...if you add in the ''entitlement'' of imposing your religion on someone else....100%


at OpposingOpposum- I have no idea what you are referring to in my comment, which is simply historical fact. How did you get this: You think murdering peoples relatives, kidnapping them and keeping them as sex slaves is some sort of ideal? How did you arrive at the idea that is some ideal of mine? Where is that in what I said? Incredible misconstruing of what I said in response to what antitheism guy said.

At antitheism guy- I understand the words perfectly well. You missed my point by a mile!!


My christian brother is wallowing in religiously sanctioned gender roles. He's not half as responsible as his wife, but he gets to run the show. It's a point of pride for him


Most of it


What I don't understand is that in many families, it is the women who rally the family to go to Sunday school and church every Sunday. That's the way it was in my family, my parents family, my grandparents family, etc. It just doesn't make any sense.

BD66 Level 8 Aug 7, 2018

It never came up when I attended church so for the average guy I do not think it really mattered at all.

Things like that arent supposed to come up.
When they do , somebody's gonna be pissed at somebody .


Oh I would say , approximately 100%


Yes, but what is the allure for women? Can it be that they are so stupid they willingly allow themselves to be used as doormats and supplicants? The answer is get them when they are still young girls and brainwash them into thinking men are allowed to dominate and dictate to them. This same brainwashing makes boys and men think they are superior and can continue their misogyny and perpetuates the Patriarchy.


Great point!


Male religiousity is based more on fear of lack of knowledge and control and on the need for acceptance in the dominant social group than on the the need for patriarchy.

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