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Sorry, I have not been interacting with the group the last couple of days. I took a bad tumble on my bike yesterday and ended up being helicoptered to a regional hospital. Multiple abrasions, 24+ stitches in my face and 12 in my left hand. 2 dislocated fingers a torn ligament and fracture with my left ring finger. This is something we hear from LiterateHiker (but my face is not so cute). Any one for damaged goods? (I am told women are attracted to men with scars and stubble).

By JackPedigo8
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I am a fellow but I must admit that is a hot look.


Oh no, I hope you feel better soon!


Damn! Those microphones can be rough on the bod. Sorry about that.

Condor5 Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

Typo, comes from typing with one hand.

@JackPedigo I've been watching a Netflix show where someone got beat to death with a mike stand and I jumped to conclusions.

Were you on a roadbike?

@Condor5 It was a mountain bike. I was headed for a dirt road. My other bike s a 10 speed racer.

@JackPedigo fast, slow, moderate speed? I've had crashes in all modes on my mountainbike; but, I'd still rather crash on dirt than pavement. I hope your recovery is quick (relatively), and no rehab required. I won't road ride, too dangerous where I now live.

@Condor5 I was on the shoulder (even on this, a main road, there is usually very little traffic - except when a ferry is in) and there was grass on the other side. Lots of gravel was removed from me and, in one place, some grass. I have been down this road dozens of times. It was my fault for not rechecking the brakes after I had adjusted them.

@JackPedigo well, my friend, I wish you a speedy recovery.


Some people thought I was giving the finger. Fact is, a friend took a picture of my face and then backed up for a wider shot. I wanted to emphasize my hand.

A British friend told me the British reverse 'V' sign means up-yours and comes from womans upturned legs. The single digit started in the US and refers to a penis and meaning F--- you. Even we speak the same language we often don't. Sometimes like men and women!


Thankful someone got you helicoptered for care. Hope you are better soon

HeraTera Level 7 Aug 10, 2018

Even though we are a relatively small island (30 sq miles & 2,400 'permanent residences - double that in summer) we have an amazing clinic, EMT and helicopter services. One has to buy insurance and it is reasonable.


Damn, dude!!! Really glad you weren't hurt any worse!
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

KKGator Level 9 Aug 10, 2018

Wow!!! hope you have a speedy recovery, are you in much pain?. ?

Sheannutt Level 9 Aug 10, 2018

ouweee is the word. The hands and face are very sensitive. Reconnecting the fingers worse. The doctor came in, said they weren't broken only dislocated. He then said there is no other way and snap. I about hit the roof. Then came all the Novocaine!!! Still some pain but mostly discomfort. I need a personal nurse!


I'm so sorry you're hurting! Take it easy for a while and heal.

That's a tall order for me.


Yeezus! Glad you're not dead. May your recovery be swift.


Did you mean "bike"? Sorry you are so badly injured. Get well fast.

Yes, bike. It's difficult typing with one hand. The long stint on the other hand gets in the way. Also, I am a bit distracted right now. I am telling people to call me frankenjack.. The nurses all said I was a model patient.
What I didn't mention was this morning I found all cell phone coverage went out yesterday. When people tried to call (this happened on a main road) they couldn't get connected. Apparently quit a crowd formed before a local thought to go to the firestation some 1 1/2 miles away. My friend said what I will do to be the center of attention. We were able to get a medical priority loading (my face was proof). I decided not to go on the passenger decks an ot scare people. But, a little girl walked in front of the truck and looked back. She definitely got a shock.


Hope that you are recovering quickly! Just wanted to say hi...and will look for your next post!


Sorry to hear this Jack but good to see you smiling. Speedy recovery please.

Salo Level 7 Aug 13, 2018

I was not making light of your injuries, just being humorously understated. smile009.gif


Ouch! Heal fast!


Oh no that’s so terrible, please tell me that your bike is okay?!?

Sorry, I don't know. It disappeared. We think it has been taken to the fire station.


How are you feeling today, Jack?

Much better, thanks for asking. My one problem is that I have had visitors all day and bringing food. They all want to help. This is a strange sensation as it is usually I that helps. So much socializing I have missed meals and a rest.


When you do things, you do them all the way huh? Kidding aside, I have been wondering where you were. Feel better and heal well!

Too bad I don't drink coffee, that would fix everything. Oh well, have to rely on my cannabis ointments.

It's funny I was told the extremes I will go through to be the center of attention.


Feel better, man. And keep up with the humor. It helps.

MrLizard Level 8 Aug 11, 2018

It helps me too. I asked a nurse if she minded me talking and making jokes and she said they actually recommend this. My friend was told I was a model patient.

@JackPedigo maybe they’ll run a “bed-ridden patient” beauty contest. You’d be a shoo-in!

@MrLizard I would't be so sure of that. I might be a face-in, though.


Jack so sorry to hear about your bike mishap. Thank goodness rescue got you to a medical facility being you live on an island. Peaceful healing.

Don't let being on this island fool you. A bit of strange but interesting history; our medical clinic was founded years ago by creating a thrift store for the purpose of building a clinic. Not only do we have a great clinic but last year the thrift shop gave out $42,000 in grants. Oh and we have a large take-it-or-leave-it building at the village dump. People here are encouraged to get helicopter insurance which runs $60 per family per year. I think next year I will get double to help out a family that can't afford it.


Hope your pain is low and you are having a few laughs to keep those face muscles taut...! My best to you...


Wow you are an artist! Great work! Very thorough in details! (I'm trying to cheer you up. That must have been a serious tumble. Speedy recovery to you!)

Lukian Level 8 Aug 11, 2018

Gosh, Jack, I'm so sorry this happened to you but relieved to know you didn't break any bones. Wishing for you a speedy recovery.

*gentle hug*


Jack wrote, "...and fracture with my left ring finger."

A fracture is a broken bone.

@LiterateHiker Thanks for the clarification. I was going by what Jack said in his comment to Sheannutt below. Quote:

"The hands and face are very sensitive. Reconnecting the fingers worse. The doctor came in, said they weren't broken only dislocated."

@LiterateHiker Correction, the hand had a micro fracture. The fingers were dislocated and one ligament was torn.


Any time I see or hear of someone in a hospital bed dan dennets “thank goodness” always comes to mind. Get well soon!

danb Level 2 Aug 10, 2018

Ignore previous questions. You're just banged up a bit. So glad you're not worse or dead. I am not sure I want to hear the details of the wreck. Um. how's the bike?
I took a ride yesterday around town.
When do you get out of the hospital? Take it easy and keep us posted.

I was reaeased the next day. Now I get to terrorize the locals!


Damn! What did you go and do that for? You like like crap. Want me to come take care of you?

Thanks a lot for telling me what I already see in the mirror. Sure, but you might have to get in line.

@JackPedigo If you have help, you don’t need me. No line.

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