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So misunderstood.....

Christiep77 7 Aug 13

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That not fair...

Etre Level 7 Aug 14, 2018

What’s fair? ?


Don't hate me because I am beautiful...?


Maybe we talk too fast?? ???


And all this time I had thought women were hard to read because were texting.

Hard to read...not illiterate

I did have an ex-girlfriend that sent me to the store with a honey-do list. One of the items she had on the list were cutips. I had to ask one of the lady stock people what a cutip was.

@Christiep77 Do not think illustrate. Their just eyes always watching screens.


Ok guys, get your tail feathers under control. It was just meant to be funny.

Did you forget what website this is? 😛


Darcy and Eliza Bennett sharing their pride and prejudice.


Men find women so hard to read because they are looking for signals intead of listening to the message.


You've just found the wrong men.


We just wanna have fun? 🙂 no just to be heard!


Looks like a whole lot of man-splaining going on here...

What my boyfriend tells me I do to much of, until he tells me to sleep on the couch.


Who doesnt listen ?
An unfair stereotype ?



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