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irritated sigh

evestrat 8 Jan 15

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To be honest, I have looked back on some dates and wondered who had been sitting in my chair.
Compensating for being nervous, usually due to being impressed, can cause normally courteous people to act conceited, or command a conversation where they'd normally be reserved.


@evestrat did I hear my name? Well, I have very little to mansplain unless we're talking about the arts, and specifically mine. I have a limited though well rounded education and I have become something of a "google-matic guru"...but I'd rather state an opinion than argue a fact in that many "facts" in the realms of agnositics(.com) can be nothing more than opinions.

I've been man..."over explained" on too many such "facts" too. Its a deeper sociological "issue" on this site in that we represent a wide cross section of the population. There seems to be, as in the "real world", a direct correlation between level of education and acceptance of new ideas...bereft of a "let me tell you how it REALLY is" mentality.

I've had fun with it and discovered early on anyone in the related fields of sociology could write a thesis here. Even without such advanced education or aspirations I have come to one conclusion: When you know everything you no longer need to learn...but you do want to share everything you know.

I see absolutely no need to further explain that position.


OMG!! Mansplaining!!


Captain Kirk and Mr Spock would work well in the pictograph as well.


it's funny


Right? When ever I knew alot of a certain topic, there would always be some loud know-it-all to talk over me with pure gibberish. And the person we were talking with would run away, leaving me unstimilated in the conversation.


People sure know how to screw up a date.


I can't tell who the confident one is. LOL.


lol that's cute!


Let me tell you what this cartoon actually means…


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