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Episode 3 of "Stupid things Christians say to me"

A coworker and I were discussing the circumstances that had resulted in another employee being escorted out of the facility and told to not come back.

I mentioned that she had been inappropriate with me as well on an occasion related to her trying to force religion on me.
I made the statement, "She just couldn't understand that I could be a good person without "god" and didn't need the hocus pocus.

My coworker said, "Well it isn't about being a good person it is about believing."

She is christian so I said, "so being a christian isn't about being a good person?"

Her answer was, "No, anybody can be a good person but to get into heaven you have to believe in god. It is about having faith in something you can't see."

Yeah, I just had to walk away on that one.

Crimson67 8 Aug 17

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Um, wut?


I started to giggle as soon as I read the title of this post.

Please post more of the like. At least it's amusing.

I agree


"Wouldn't it be funny if I went and you didn't and I got to wave to you as I ascended?"


I believe!!!

Now, excuse me while I go out and cheat on my spouse, steal from my neighbor, abuse my children, and gossip about my co-worker.

How convenient and easy.



What she said is definitely crazy, but it's exactly what Christianity is all about. She didn't lie.


Like uncle George Takei would've said..... oh my !!


I vividly remember my cousin (my aunt had married a devout Irish Catholic) telling me that she could do all the bad things she wanted to and then go to church on Sunday, pay sixpence and be forgiven. I must’ve been about six years old but can clearly remember how appalled I felt.

This has always seemed so wrong to me. Since I was about 5 yo I knew it was inheritently wrong.


She actually described Christianity fairly accurately!


Wow! Its amazing to me so many people are brainwashed! Next time religion comes up just say you don't discuss that or politics at the work place. Idiots I tell ya!


So what is the point of going to Heaven, then? So you can spend the rest of Eternity with a bunch of people that aren't necessarily even good people, but they all believe in something they can't see?

There's an awful lot of mass murderers that believed in the same god these people do, this makes me certain I don't want to spend any part of an afterlife in their company (the believers or the mass murderers).

Nahhhh....see....once you get to heaven, you're too busy taking flying lessons, harp lessons and writing hymns, etc. You don't have time to think of doing something fun or naughty!

Did you ever read Twain's little book, "Letters from the Earth?" An angel is sent to earth to try to understand humans. He writes letters back to one chapter, he talks about how mystifying it is that humans imagine a heaven full of things they never like to do!

@LucyLoohoo I'll have to check that book out.

@chilehead9 Oh, DO! It's slyly funny...Twain-style!


This is that time when that "facepalm" emoji would come in handy

I was thinking exactly that ?


What they don't understand is that belief is demonstrated through action. If you fail to act then you disprove your belief.


I've discussed various bible topics with my christian mother. It seems to her that the book is true simply because it's old and cannot be disclaimed.
I respond with the fact that many momentus events are recorded throughout history by more than one source and can be substantiated that way. The bible cannot boast this.


Ooooo. We are outside of logic and objective reality here, and no, nothing you can say to someone like that.


You have a lifetime’s job ahead of you if you are intending to catalogue ALL the stupid things they say.


Yep, you can be the shittiest person, abusive, lying, cheating or Trump, and as long as you have faith that your invisible friend is real you get a ticket to wonderland when you kick the bucket. You can be the greatest person, charitable, family oriented, caring but not believe and sorry, no ticket for you! This disturbs me.... Not at all. I tell those who threaten me with hell that it has the same fear factor as telling me I am getting nothing from Santa ? for Christmas.


People are so concerned wether or not "god" exists, they don't stop to think wether or not they should care. I know...if ya don't believe in a tale that has less credibility then Santa Claus, ur gonna burn in hell, blah. That right there should raise some red flags. Read the Bible, this diety is a complete asshole. He makes people die in the most awful ways for the most minor infractions and we worship him? Really?? God (knew) all the people would make the supposed choices they made because ur life is all part of his wonderful plan. Talk about being set up to fail. I don't like a rigged game and I certainly ain't gonna worship the asshole that rigged it. That being said, obviously the Bible is a complete distortion of the truth and god is about as real as the Easter Bunny. On the off chance I'm wrong tho, I'll be happy to explain my reasoning for choosing not to believe in, let alone worship, a bully and be on my merry way to hell.


I'm not trying to defend the faith they have but you don't need religion to be stupid. I've come across just as many atheists who have spouted off just as many half cooked ideas. People are inherently stupid, reactive creatures.

I have often thought that some atheist just trade in religious delusions for secular delusions. I have done it myself at times, but constantly ask myself "Why?". Why do I believe this? Why do others not? Why does society run this way? Why don't we do it this way? I have my bias and opinions, but I try to hold myself logically accountable for those beliefs. Sometimes I don't like the answers I give myself, but I'm a lot less angry and opinionated than what I use to least I hope so.


I would reply by citing this verse . [].

GOOD ONE! Thanks! (Adding that to her arsenal....)


There is a point there. At least as far as (fundamentalist) Christianity goes, you can be an axe-murdering pederast and as long as you have accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, you will still go to Heaven (whoopdedoo; get to spend eternity with all the other such people). ‘Good people’ don’t necessarily get to go there — matter of fact, because we’re all sinners, there really aren’t any ‘good people’.... OK, enough of that, my brain’s starting to hurt....

zuch Level 3 Aug 18, 2018

She sounds like a true idiot.


As with most things that christians say and do, this one is the biggest conundrum that they throw out there. Their whole religion is based on superstition, mythology and fairy tales. They, constantly, spout out things that just don't make sense, like saying you don't have to be good to get into that non-exsistant place they call heaven. I guess they let the worst criminals in that place even though they aren't good people.


The adult version of Santa Claus...


At least she was honest about it, stupid and wrong, but still honest. Ask her if those child molesting priests, who believe in god, are going to heaven, and ask where the children go.

Only thing required for entry is belief in Jesus and repentance of sins, so yeah, those priests can go to Heaven.

@maturin1919 I think they can go to hell

@sellinger Well, according to the book of spells the only thing that can lock you out of Heaven is blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

In reality, none of us go to either place.

@maturin1919 yes, I know. To both statements lol


Next time point out how Hitler was a Christian. Ask if he's in her "heaven" now. Watch her head explode.

I've actually asked this one before and it was mind-boggling: yes, if he accepted Christ and repented in his heart, then he'll go to heaven. I try not to converse about it anymore or it would make my head explode.

@Lauren I would then reply "I hope you enjoy spending eternity with him." ?

@Randalltague Oh, mercy no, Randall. I would like to but, with few exceptions, I don't engage in casual debate about religion with the religious where I live. I've found that they get quite testy about their beliefs and over-react.

@Lauren lol, I'm 6'1 300lb. No one argues with me all that hard. Not without stepping back a few feet at least. Then I can just walk away.

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