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Sooooo, one of my Facebook friends is complaining that she prayed before she started driving, and still got into a car accident. And she prayed real hard....... and now she's mad at god.......her imaginary if her imaginary friend played a role slow blinks

I want so badly to say, "that's because you might as well have been wishing upon a star, or praying to bigfoot." But alas, I have to put up with their imaginary friend, and need for seroquel.

nutrition_nerd 7 Aug 19

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Sounds like she set herself up for a problem. Then on a subconscious level completed the task.


She thinks she's pissed? Imagine how god feels...he tried to kill her and failed. Not so omnipotent after all it would seem.

@nutrition_nerd I won't say this often, but I'm glad I could get you to spit. πŸ˜€


Doesn't she support god's plan? C'mon. Lol


Opens hood. Examines Theism.

"Well, there's your problem!'


If she has to pray before driving then maybe she shouldn't be driving.


Tell her 'God works in mysterious ways that are indistinguishable from being totally radom.'


Notice that she takes none of the responsibility for the accident. 'The car starts swerving'. Poor dear apparently doesn't understand that when she's behind the wheel she is supposed to drive. God and the car won't do it alone. I doubt the insurance company is willing to accuse either God or the car for the accident.


God has another plan for her just like this other woman.

That’s hilarious!!!


When they say Jesus take the wheel it always confused me. That guy didn’t even get to learn to drive a chariot as far as we know. He just knows how to ride dat ass.


I think her guardian angel might be an alcoholic.


She is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Glad she is ok!


god wouldn't test her like this if she couldn't handle it. Plus he was busy deciding who was going to win the Astros- Athletics game. But, she's in a weakened state. Tell her you'll drive with her this time, she won't pray ahead of time and you bet it'll go better and maybe you can get her away from this god thing

lerlo Level 8 Aug 19, 2018

Sounds like she needs new tires and a drivers ed course


Not I. I defriend and delete religious wing nuts from Facebook, mostly because 85% of white evangelicals voted for Trump.


That is one of the reasons I stopped believing...prayer doesn't change shit. I wish it did. I wish there was an entity we could appeal to in times of suffering.


Reminds me of the IGNORANT woman who, after missing her connection on Flight 800 (the one that BLEW UP over the Atlantic several years ago), posted how THANKFUL she was that GOD had saved HER sorry ass from getting on that plane! She had NO comment about the HUNDREDS of men, women, children and BABIES on the plane, and how they must have suffered after the front of that plane blew off and they plummeted to a HORRIFIC death! What a #Dumbass

Exactly. She was saved for a greater purpose. Haven't seen that she has done much for humanity yet.


She didn’t have enough faith.


She needs a mechanic, not a god.


Except stars and Bigfeet are real

Jimm Level 4 Aug 19, 2018

Does good answer prayers? Yes! But sometimes the answer is, "leave me the fuck alone! I've got better things to do than control your car. You want my answer?l Deal with your fears, learn how to friggin' drive and stop depending on me!"


Tell her, "Sure, Jesus exists and he's a twisted fuck, more than happy to take the wheel from reckless dipshits willing to abdicate responsibility when things aren't going well." Why should your friend be treated any better than Job? Silly anthropomorphic fantasy.


She's got to join the dots up for herself, all the clues are in her text d'oh!


Have Faith God has a plan, his ways are not your ways, everything happens for a reason, God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.
Feeling better now? By the way hating god and leading others in to temptation will send you straight to hell, so STFU!


Silly god. I only pray to Odin, and only for a death worthy of being remembered in a drinking song.


Oh dear...............


I am sorry. I know how you feel. My niece is the same way. She has always been reckless and now she found a scapegoat for her recklessness...god... Her excuse for voting for will bring us to the book of revelations, her excuse for getting pregnant 6 times with 6 different people... I thought god wanted me to be with that person.... here excuse for still living in a trailer that gets flooded out every 2-3 years....god wanted me to be on this piece of land... I do not appease her. I am quick to confront her on her bigotry... β€œShe’s black, but a good one..” and her hatred toward anyone who doesn’t share her beliefs.

Phin Level 6 Aug 19, 2018
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