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What do you do for fun that also counts as exercise?

Allie5525 4 Aug 19

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I hike, ride my bike, swim and go fro long walks in nature.


My job involves quite a bit of physical labor, so in my down time the last thing I want to do is something which involves exercise.


Disc golf & taking the dog on trails


Tennis,off-road motorcycles, golf, skiing......

Oh yeah, getting your reps on a motorcycle. Do you do the 6-pack thing after that? 🙂

@godef Motocross racing is regarded as one of the most physically demanding sports. I used to be a desert racer and after a 120 mile race it would take a week to recover from the muscle soreness. So yes when you ride at my level it is great way to get a good workout while having fun.


Take the boys for a long walk and try and do it at their speed!

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