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OPINION PLEASE...So I'm watching the football game and they show a three or four year old little girl wearing a Colts jersey and the male announcer says "boy, is she cute." So at what age of that girl/woman can that announcer not make that comment anymore?

lerlo 8 Aug 20

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All depends on the context any person can be cute at any age . When someone makes it sexual then you can have problems at any age and then it depends on the person being refered to and how they feel about it

Not sure how just saying someone is "cute" can be sexualized but regardless, the person being described can't hear it because it's the announcer doing the play by play etc. Unless the person is watching the telecast




I don't think the cutoff has anything to do with age. Rather it has to do with whether or not the person making the comment is sexualizing them.

d_day Level 7 Aug 20, 2018

If he says "cute" about what appears to be a very attractive 20 yr old female do you infer anything?


It should be fine at any age (0 to 100).
He isn't saying "I would like to get my hands on her".

BD66 Level 8 Aug 20, 2018

I teach sixth grade, I often refer to both male and female students as cute... It does tend to be less towards the more mature, older looking students though!

so do you not think there's an age cut off?

I think you’re correct that it’s different because I’m female, because when I say it I intended in a childlike way, whereas I’ve heard male teachers refer to older female students as cute in a not so innocent way... all depends on tone and context I guess!

So let’s say an attractive eighth-grade girl walks by me in the hall wearing an age-appropriate summer dress... I would have no problem smiling at her and telling her she looks cute. However, if a male teacher was standing there and did the same, I would take his meaning to be different from mine! Sooo... Around puberty, as others have said?


What was the score of the game?

Cute Little Girl 1 Vikings 0


For that specific comment, once the girl hits puberty it becomes inappropriate. However, it becomes appropriate to say again once a woman becomes a little old lady because they are adorable.

Even for a female announcer or is that ok for them? Good point on the old ladies 🙂

@lerlo I don't approve of it for both men and women. Saying it's ok for one gender to say something but another can't is a bit sexist. Plus, it's not the job of a sports announcer to comment on the appearance of fans.

@joeymf86 Well announcers have been commenting on fans from time immemorial...part of the environment of the game




Are you planning to become an announcer?

Truth be told it was one of the things I always wanted to do. Actually did some women's softball announcing and probably made some bad innuendos 40 yrs ago. Finally spent some time with a sportscaster in Detroit who told me that in order to make it in the business, if I wanted to be on air, I'd have to start out in some small town in Montana. So much for that 🙂


Good question though this reminded me of a Brian Regan bit.

As a kid you're always proud of doing things on your own.
But when does "hey I did this all by myself!" turn into "Alllll byyy myy self!"

Brian Regan: All By Myself special.

It REALLY depends on the context

Well little kids tend to be "cute" by nature, like puppies and kittens...that's the reason for the what age of the girl/woman would the "context" be suspect?


Depends on who the announcer is. []

godef Level 7 Aug 20, 2018

True--probably no one cares if it's a female announcer and the woman is 20--but what about if it's a male announcer?


He just said, "boy, is she cute." Get a grip.

Got one, but if he said that about a 20 yr old, lots of people may think it was sexist--the reason for my question

@lerlo But he didn't say it to a 20 year old.

@jlynn37 That's why he initially asked what age do we think that comment ("boy, is she cute" ) would be inappropriate.


If she's old enough to wear a bra, she's too old.

hmmm, guessing you mean old enough to need one 🙂 I was thinking that might be the cut off but then again, she could be 13, hot and flat chested. Or 10 for that matter.

@lerlo All of the above....if in any way a bra is appropriate (age or shape) then she's too old. That may seem vague, but it makes sense to me. 🙂

@Anne209 Yeah I was thinking that may be the cut off but curious to see the consensus, thanks

That's the point where he can now say "nice rack"

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