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An entire kingdom full of women and I'm supposed to believe that Cinderella was the only one with that shoe size?

Duke 8 Aug 20

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What I want, to know what kind of glass were those slippers made of? With all that dancing surely those slippers would have shattered.


It was a very diverse kingdom.


That's because the rest of them looked like this


And those glass slippers would be outlawed today for safety purposes.


If the shoe fits.


and why did that pumpkin and everything disappear except for that one shoe.....

The fairy godmother allowed her to keep the shoe as a memento.

@Christiep77 but Prince Charming had it not Cinderella.....

@hankster she had the other one. The one slipped off her foot. She still had the match.

@Christiep77 I didn't remember that.... but of course my expertise of Cinderella is certainly lacking.

@hankster maybe I have too much time on my hands....?

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