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I still do. ???

Sheannutt 9 Aug 21

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Usually just in the car.


AAAALLLLLLLLLL the time!! I keep a radio on both upstairs and downstairs in my house. The one downstairs only goes off if I watch TV. I keep a radio on in the car unless I have passengers to talk to. I'd listen at work but I'd have to have it on headphones, which I'd have to take off every 3 minutes to make or take a phone call.


I avoid commercial radio.


I have Amazons Echo. Alexia lets me be my own DJ Commerical free. I have SiriusXM radio in the vehicles.


Yup, Hammer & Nigel, Tony Katz, Chics on the right, The Chad Benson show, Dana Loesch.....uuuffff



Coldo Level 8 Aug 21, 2018

Whenever I'm in my vehicle.


I listen to Pandora

@Sheannutt it's really cool it's programmable radio you can pick your artist your station what you want to listen to if you want to pay for it you can do it commercial free but I'm a cheapskate so I just go ahead and take the commercials and it's free I can pick any genre artist I want and they'll play all music that fits into that category


With the exception of sports talk radio and when I'm in the mood for some classical music, no. Haven't listened to commercial radio in almost 30 years now. I use Pandora and Tidal.


In the car, not so much at home.


Of course, Classical and Jazz........

jasen Level 7 Aug 21, 2018

@Sheannutt ...I 've got a Jazz station that broadcasts from the same town I live in.......Jazz during the day and Blues and Roots at's almost enough to make me want to stay home....

@Sheannutt If you have a smart phone, you can listen to any type of music you want. Search the apps.

@Sheannutt That works!

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