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Today is a great day for our country. Mannefort has been convicted in his first trial, and Cohen has pled guilty to felonies included campaign finance violations in conjunction with Trump. It is abundantly clear that Trump's business empire is a criminal enterprise and that his administration is a culture of corruption. In fact, in only two years, this is the most corrupt presidency in U.S. history. The Republican party has to act now or be forever labeled a morally bankrupt political party. This is the beginning of the end for Trump. Hurrah!

wordywalt 9 Aug 21

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"Do not underestimate the power of the Emperor" (Yoda).

We're in the mud with this pig. He's a slimy disgusting psychopathic demon with zero morals. It won't be over till it's over. Praise to Mueller for making the pig lose his cool. Best worst case, he gets a heart attack.

I do so love the "I am Sparticus" from the 'intelligence' agencies... Very memorable...


This is finally, a good day. Since the day I woke up to find that Trump was elected, I have felt like a dark period of history has returned. It seemed like America was doomed. Today, there is a sliver of hope. I just hope it starts growing. And now.....kudos to Stormy Daniels for opening up this can of worms. Because of her Michael Cohen is pleading guilty and telling what Trump has done. A good day.

In 1974, I can remember rushing home from work early, excited to catch what I could of the
Watergate hearings, waiting for the next shoe to drop. I never dreamed that I would be in a very similar situation again in my lifetime, excitedly watching the triumph of constitutional democracy against political corruption and autocracy play itself out for a second time. We wILL triumph!!


LOCK THEM UP! The entire GOP colluded with Trump and Russia, to gain power.


And the Swamp gets drained a little more!


It will take come doing to surpass the Reagan administration for corruption, but they are giving it all they've got.

They are already way past Reagan. Historically, the two worst administrations were Grant's and Harding's.. The corruption of the Grant administration was simply due that Grant did not understand political leadership. Harding's problem was both some corruption mixed with gross incompetence. The Trump administration is characterized by abject corruption, so9ciopathy, and gross stupidity. It is already the worst ever.

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