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Do you believe in dreams?

Abigail2 4 Aug 21

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I believe I have dreams.


What do you mean?


Yes, I believe that people do dream.

But I don't believe dreams predict the future unless you are someone who can do so.

My oldest brother once told me, back in the 1970s, that when he slept in the same house with me, he dreamed accurate dreams of the future, but I was only aware of being able to do that when I was awake.

My friends and family back then, in Haiti, and in college, routinely asked me about everything, and whenever they did, I suddenly knew the answer, but nobody really thought about it as being's just the way I was.

They'd ask me when someone was going to arrive from Port-au-Prince, and I'd "see" the camion where it was at the moment, and also know how long until it arrived, for instance. I never wore a watch but always knew the time, etc.


I believe dreams our the mind’s way of telling us what is going on by presenting it in a weird or interest that we are more likely to pay attention to. I think of it as the mind’s way of organizing what we’ve been thinking and feeling and even though they don’t always make sense, an interpretation can bring the oddities together and create a theme, usually what you are working to overcome or something you are struggling with (relationships or personal growth, etc.)


A loaded question ... belief in dreams?


Depends on how you define dream. As far as dreams having predictive powers? I really don't know.


Psychologist Carl Jung believed dreams are a way of communicating and acquainting yourself with the unconscious.

That makes sense.


If you are talking about REM sleep dreams Your brain gathers tons of sensory input has to defrag nightly. If you mean taking on a challenge meeting personal goals and achieving the desired outcome/ then yes.

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