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Senator Warren Wants To Ban Congress and Admn. From Stock Deals- Good/Bad Idea I Ask?

sassygirl3869 9 Aug 22

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Very good idea as they are privy to insider trading that the public does not know about. This how a senator enters the senate poor and comes out a multi millionaire


She will accept investing in an index fund. She is correct in this pursuit. She knows the ins & outs of finance & the BS our representatives are engaged in. No lobbying after leaving government "service".


ABSWOLUTELY! It's called ''conflict of interest'' and should be specifically placed in the ethics regulations for ALL ''public servants'' who have access to ''inside information."


Great idea!!


A great idea. It never should have been allowed.


A great idea that should never have been overturned in the first place. They had rules against them having access to insider trading information but voted against it.



The best make it illegal for Congress. Our economy will become survivable without some congresspersons dictating the fuel prices. Fuel will drop causing groceries to lower. People won't have to work 2 and 3 jobs they can spend more time with their kids and family.

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