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I think your mind either expands or shrinks under either an alcoholic or drug induced state...You can have the most profound thoughts while under both effects and they will make so much sense but if you do not write them down they are obviously lost forever...I have mind boggling ideas that are so profound I am surprised when I wake up in the morning there's not a cult following me...or is this just

James121 7 Aug 23

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I don't see it as expansion or shrinkage but more of different connections of brain cells. Especially with specific substances we create pathways in our brains that we don't normally tap in to which causes new idea a to form.



You don't have profound thoughts, you just think that you do. My dad used to tell a story about a mathematician he knew who did some psychedelics and wrote down his profound thoughts only to wake up to gibberish.


Maybe you're having the most profound thoughts, but maybe you're also raising those points with the cat or ficus tree and maybe it's all gone once the stupor's over

My ficus died ... probably of boredom. My cat still listens to my 'deepities' though. 😉


I can say that as a songwriter I have ideas about songs, or even just random dreams while I'm going to bed, and then after I wake up they're gone. I can't remember a damn thing about them. It even happens when I'm awake sometimes. I'll have an idea and then I'll do even just the simplest thing instead of sticking to what I'm thinking about and then the idea is gone. It's like the idea slips into a void or something. That's why they tell you that you should write an idea down immediately or record it right away. I don't know if they're profound ideas or songs, and they aren't drug induced, but they happen. There is some place we "go" that seems to be that state in between sleep and awareness where we can think of wonderful things, but not remember them when we come back to "reality". WTF? Lol

Wow had some musical notes stuck everytime when i was drunk ...they were really cool which ended up about a year later actually remembering the fuck out of them..chords, note for note and it sounds so scottish you would not believe but love the wee tune I created and it is still mine

I used to do the same.
It seems that sometimes I am most creative when i'm falling asleep, and I always used to think, meh, I'll record it tomorrow, and I always forget when I wake up.

I've learned to grab my guitar, sleepy or not, and just write the basics.
It took some practicing though.

@Katastrophe69 In my youth I was in the RAF and was stationed in Wales had been stuck there with hardly a Scottish soul there...Every year they did a battle of Britain day for well the battle of woke up to the sound of bagpipes playing, was like wow Scotsmen from Scotland playing the sound of our went out for a chat, all these guys and gals in full Scottish attire, walked up to say hello and was greeted with bloody English accents and went home in the

@Katastrophe69 will have to come over there in my full Scottish attire and show them what it is to be Scottish


I get this when lying down. Not easy to write when you're completely horizontal, and I've tried a tape recorder, but then my brain freezes. Awful predicament.


I think better when I'm relaxed. I mean I think better philosophically. I don't drive better drunk. But not just philosophically. When I was in college, doing very non-philosophical stuff like spreadsheets and annual rates of return, being somewhat drunk really helped open my mind to tricky questions.


Look at almost any famous musician. Just saying...


I quit drinking over 7 years ago. My brain is clear and every day I come up with wild stuff. Was listing to the radio earlier. I would swear the singer said titty tantrum.


Look my wonderful friends....I am so pissed right now


It's debatable, But I know that a lot of great music has been written by those that were either High, or drunk.
That's even going back to many Classical composers.


Go Ask Alice.

When she's 10 feet tall?


In my opinion, anything induced by consciousness altering chemicals is nothing more that alt-reality and has nothing what-so-ever to do with reality.

I would disagree strongly there that mind altering drugs are based on the reallity of the taker whether good or bad ..there will be a reactoin...good or bad to the reaction of the drug and how much you remember of the experience..

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