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I know there are many other choices. But between theocracy and socialism, which one would you prefer?

JWDiaz 6 Jan 18

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The short answer : socialism.

The long answer: I am for accountability. Members of the priest class who steal from parishioners or molest children should be punished with jail time. CEOs who leave the businesses in their charge in shambles should not get golden parachutes while thousands of workers get laid off. Political leaders of all persuasions should answer to the voters; voters should not be cherry - picked into irrelevance through gerrymandering. Workers should be rewarded for doing a good job, and fired if they do not. Everyone must be held ACCOUNTABLE.

In a theocracy, the law is whatever the priest class says it, based ostensibly on the will of god. No accountability. The problem with socialism is that it can give rise to a social safety net so secure that it protects people from their own bad decisions.


As far as I'm concerned capitalism is a degrading, war making, putrid system. Theocracy would probably be the same thing because the question is....which class owns the means of production and who does it benefit. Democratic-socialism is fine but I think it's still capitalism with a pretty face. True socialism is simply a stepping stone to classless society, communism. According to all the great revolutionary leaders and thinkers, Marx, Lenin, Mao, the propertyless classes must overthrow the capitalist system, seize the means of production, and build a society which does not allow the propertied classes to seize power again. The goal of classless society has never been reached and right now there is nowhere on earth to look to to see an example where things are moving in that direction.


well DUH . socialism is the idea where we all work together ! You should travel a little






If life ever comes down to those two options, then I will make a decision, but for now, I'm hoping that we can come up with something that honors all people and protects our right to express ourselves without stifling the "selves" of others.


Democratic Socialism. Be careful. If any conservatives in here see this they will start screaming "COMMIES!!!" at us lol

Hi Piece2Yourpuzzle,that is because conservatives have no idea what socialism is and have been brainwashed by those who fear socialism will force them to pay ""their""share of tax,that is if they are paying tax at all such as Trump who won't disclose his tax.


Socialism by far.

Hera Level 1 Jan 18, 2018

If I had to pick I would choose theocracy but only because I am a male. Women don't get treated nicely under theocratic governments.


So Norway or Saudi Arabia? Tough choice....

But Norway gets cold in the winter. 😉


If those are my only choices, I choose anarchy.


Oh socialism any day over theocracy. Proper social democracies are light years better than theocracies, which are far more prone to be or become authoritarian, and just be way worse to live in.


Both theocracy and Marxist socialism are to be avoided at all costs. The European model of non-Marxist socialism, however, is a productive model that benefits a much greater percentage of the population and bestows and protects civil rights.

@JWDiaz And, you are dead wrong. Right now, European social democratic countires are more democratic and more economically stable than American under the idiot Trump and today's morally bankrupt Republicans.


If your definition of socialism excludes extreme communism and includes democratic socialism, then I'm in for socialism without hesitation.

@JWDiaz -- Just a little simplistic and misleading there, my friend. Venezuela has never enjoyed a secure government in its entire history. There has been cultural and political upheaval in the country since its inception and continues today. Chavez was never a democratic socialist. He was an out and out socialist from the start and rapidly moved toward a Russian style communism. Since his death, things have gotten much worse. The following article is an interesting timeline for the country.


There is a large misunderstanding regarding what constitutes democratic socialism and what outright socialism is. You may not believe this but the United States has been a democratic socialist state since the late 30s. Perhaps even earlier to a lesser extent. Any time a state moves into public works through the use of taxation it is operating in a socialist environment. It really boils down to extent of programs and level of authoritarian control and forced distribution of wealth that determines the difference between a democratically operated social state and a full blown social/communist state. I maintain that no state can provide properly for its people without some degree of socialism.

@JWDiaz -- But not stable. They've been lucky to make it through ten years without a change in government. Their longest lasting government was a dictatorship under Juan Vicente Gomez that lasted just under 30 years.

The government you mentioned lasted a very short time. They at one time were making a killing in oil, but that was badly handled and turned into a disaster. Then came Perez who had to deal with a rapidly collapsing economy, and was subsequently ousted by Chavez. So, they had a shot, blew it, elected Perez who mishandled the financial crisis and got bumped by a wannabe dictator with communist ideals. So much for the most progressive government in the Western Hemisphere.

It should also be pointed out that the country was in an economic shambles before Chavez took the helm. No excuses for Chavez because he was a total ass and not competent to lead a grade school picnic, but he inherited a basket case. I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did.


Well, most happiest countries in the world are social democracies, so socialism sounds like the way to go 😉

MarcO Level 5 Jan 18, 2018

To be fair, socialist countries are also mostly capitalists in the way they work.


Hi JWDiaz,I would prefer Socialism any day over theocracy.

@JWDiaz I live in a Damocratic socialist country New Zealand,where there are State Houses owned with low rents for low income families,there is free inpatient hospital care,I have spent over 137 days as a patient in hospital at the tax payers expense,in the main centres bus and train is free for over 65 years old,there are family welfare packages and unemployment benefits and pensions 40 hour working week with morning and afternoon tea spells,give me socialism any day .

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