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Blocked members.

How come a member whom I blocked months ago was able to contact me today? He is a believer (states so in his profile).

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Probably because you didn' t block him/her "forever (bottom option)

DUCHESSA Level 8 Sep 30, 2019

That's scary. Sorry that happened to you. Hopefully they don't just continue creating new accounts

HockeyGuy Level 6 Sep 30, 2019

Probably a sock puppet account. He created another and used similar info with a different email. So the program doesn't know it's the same guy. No real way around that, unfortunately.

OK, thanks


That’s not cool he can get around a block. I think the believers come here because they have a hard time converting people in the real world because they have to do work to find nonbelievers. Here, they feel it is a free market to spread their “wisdom” and try to convince us that there is a “better” way. A lot of them are so wrapped up in their own beliefs that they force their beliefs on others and can’t understand how people can disagree. I’ve actually met an atheist that was previously a born again Christian. He tried to force his atheism on people. He got mad at me and so did his wife for telling him that wasn’t right.

I think is an st...d guy that can't take being ignored. He states being a believer...of Allah...He also has a pic showing him dressed in medical / nurse attire but writes worse than a 5 y/o kid.


Go to his profile and block him again. In the box where you write comments, tell them your concern.

I agree with @HippieChick58. Click on Site and Customer Support and post your complaint.

Of course I blocked him again.


Try tagging Admin or Site Support and see what they tell you.



That is surprising, both that they can get around a block and that they are here in the first place.

LB67 Level 7 Aug 24, 2018

Man, that's annoying.

Indeed, very annoying....specially when the guy is a Muslim.

@duchessa ugh


The Lord works in mysterious ways smile009.gif

skado Level 8 Aug 24, 2018

Doesn't he though? ?

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