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skado 8 Aug 25

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Ahh, birds of a feather......... πŸ˜€


Tires were looted engine blew up and have been kidnaped by a hobo carjacker.


Motor is running and the keys are locked inside...


To a T. As a kid I heard more than once that I was incorrigible.


I’m proud of my parking prowess… I can parallel park a tank with nothing but an inch to spare on each end... But if I was going to represent my life as a parking technique I would be double parked in Brooklyn and everyone is honking their horn when I just wanted to get a loaf of bread from East End bakery. Nothing like a loaf of Brooklyn semolina πŸ™‚

Parking? In Brooklyn? Great analogy, not possible to actually park in Brooklyn! I grew up there, and thanked had we had a garage!


Hahaha... true!


I feel like this way more than sometimes!

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