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For the umpteenth time I'm attempting to quit smoking cigarettes. Had an awful summer cold that frightened me. So even though one feels better for not puffing away, you still crave the nicotine! I've quit so many times I can't even to begin to remember how many. Please tell me a good story about success/failure to quit cigarettes. Would be a nice distraction from driving down to the gas station right now and picking up a pack!

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Liberty 5 Aug 26

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@Liberty, There is HOPE! The more times you've tried to quit, the better chances you have of quitting for good. Every time you try to quit, you learn more and get better!

I had no intentions of quitting smoking when I did. I was 28 years old at the time. (I started smoking when I was 16.) A friend of mine was in remission from cancer for the second time and she asked me to be her "support person" at yoga. It was in yoga class that I discovered the degree to which I could not breathe. (I also discovered that A LOT of smoking for me was the deep breathing involved in inhaling, so yoga really was a great pathway to quitting).

I quit cold turkey and did a National Heart Association "seminar" on quitting. Basically, the woman gave us some toothpicks, gum, hard card and an index card. On one side of the card, we wrote down "why I want to quit smoking," and on the other side we wrote down "things I can do besides smoke." I carried that card with me for years. (I probably still have it somewhere).

I let myself eat more than I normally would and I felt sorry for myself. LOL I also told everyone around me that I was quitting and to please not stress me out. I avoided bars for almost 2 years and I tried to be mindful and avoid things I thought would trigger me . . . and it worked.

I wish you luck. There is nothing worse than a righteous ex-smoker and they seem to be the most outspoken. Quitting is bloody hard, but you can do it.

If I had to mark it up to one successful thing I did, it was THINK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE. I distracted myself endlessly.


Started in highschool up to two packs a day in college. One day I heard a joke...true story, a stupid joke set my brain for success and quit for good since then....(works for dudes only..... wait wait before anyone call me misogynist see where the joke is going, ok?) it went something like this.... To quit smoking the best thing you can do is to get naked in front of the mirror and then while looking at your balls tell to yourself...yes, they are big enough, I can do this !!!!

@Liberty .... Ahhh... I've just check your bad, I didn't even consider checking anything before posting my comment. I hope you will find it amusing or funny somehow ????

@Liberty thanks


Had champix for two months not smoked since as they were so bad headaches , anger issues , nausea the lot . Still want one now and again when stressed but really don't want to go through champix again


I had smoked for many, many years and eventually quit cold turkey after a couple of attempts. Been clean for decades. I did gain weight though.


Skip all that and use CBD oil to quit smoking.

"Current research shows that cannabidiol, or CBD, oil has the potential to turn nicotine addiction on its head. It promises to do this in a safe, effective manner.

Another study showed that CBD oil can treat alcohol induced neurodegeneration. Some consider this to be the main cause of chronic and relapsing alcoholism. According to the study, “Results demonstrate the feasibility of using CBD transdermal delivery systems for the treatment of alcohol-induced neurodegeneration.”

Another showed that CBD lowers stimulus cue induced heroin seeking behavior. This can help to prevent heroin craving and usage relapse.

The study says that CBD treatment “specifically attenuated heroin-seeking behavior reinstated by exposure to a conditioned stimulus cue. CBD had a protracted effect with significance evident after 24 hours and even two weeks after administration… The findings highlight the unique contributions of distinct cannabis constituents to addiction vulnerability and suggest that CBD may be a potential treatment for heroin craving and relapse.”

Link: []


It's hard but I actually managed to quit myself after multiple multiple times of quitting I have not smoked a cigarette since 2016 it was coming down with rheumatoid arthritis that made me quit I found out nicotine goes right to your joints also getting really really sick gives you a wake-up call so yeah it is possible it takes a lot of intestinal fortitude but you can do it I know you can if I can do it anybody can


I picked up the habit in the Vietnam fifty years ago. They gave free cigarettes in C rations or sold them for $1.10 a carton. When I got back I found the only way I could quit was to replace them with exercise. Sounds too simple but it works. You have to replace the bad habit with a good habit and will power. You can do it.


Unfortunately most people who are in the process of giving up smoking experience the unpleasnt feeling of the loosening up of the tar and chemicals that are literally stuck in the peripheral air spaces in your lungs. Symptoms often feel like the flu or heavy cold. Coughing can increase. This is your body detoxing and will pass. But can take weeks if you have been a long term smoker. It is a tough time so be kind to yourself and see it for what it is a transition to better long term health. Good luck


I switched to ecigarettes 3yrs ago & haven't touched a cigarette since. You don't even need nicotine in the juice.


When I quit cold turkey eight years ago I had nobody there to encourage me. I gritted my teeth and stuck it out. Eventually your brain will realize the nicotine isn't needed. I hope you can both quit and encourage each other.

Gohan Level 7 Aug 26, 2018

@Liberty Ok. And great job. Award yourself.


I feel your pain. I've quit lots of times, and the longest was when my kids were young and my wife and I had quit together. Losing a job and a wife inspired me to start up again, and I guess I'll quit sometime.


I never smoked myself, but I have a friend who was so hooked he'd wake up in the middle of the night to smoke !

After several failed attempts, and much frustration, he got laser treatments twice (the first one helped , but didn't quite do it ). Over. Done ! No residual cravings !


I smoked for 29 years; it is the longest relationship of my life. Pathetic, eh? I was diagnosed with COPD at 41 years old after a bout of mono, and couldn't even walk around the block without being winded with my heart pounding in my ears. As a hiker, this was absolutely devastating. I used two different inhalers a day until about a year after I quit. Six years later, I've gained a little weight, but I'm able to hike all day AND I don't miss it at all. I'm currently going through the most emotionally difficult period of my life and have no fear of picking up the habit. Strangely, when I dream I'm still a smoker. But even asleep, I'm mad at myself for puffing.

My wife, Kate, has never smoked in life, but smokes in her dreams.

@dalefvictor that's so strange!


My dear wife of 27 years died of aggressive Lung Cancer on Sept 13th 2017 at age 71,she smoked from High School,quitting about 36 years ago,but probably too late. What I believe triggered the cancer was contracting the infection Cee-Dif, after stomach reduction surgery, as the prescription was not long enough, and it Hospitalized her for a week. She had a 3/4" tumor in her brain that Radiation got rid of,and then began the Chemotherapy, along with at least 4 blood transfusions,it was too little ,too late,For those who smoke,think of you future,will it end as my late wife's did?

The ends I have seen people live through make for terrible cionditions, Know a number of people who have dies from these things. They used to call them coffin nails.


I quit smoking somewhat recently. It hasn't been that hard to be honest. Just cut back at first then stop altogether. It just takes some will power.

Tejas Level 6 Aug 26, 2018

It took me about 6 times quitting the last one took about 10 years ago now. You have to prepare your brain. Tell your self there is a do and do not do that try word gives you a copout. The nicotine patch works well. I found salted pumpkin seeds helped me a lot also.


I do not smoke, but I am around people who do and I know it is hell to stop. My father and law stopped by doing just that. He just stopped. I have met other people one of whom always kept a pack in a backpack he always had with him. He said he could have one whenever, he just did not choose to. Last I heard he still has the same pack and has stopped. That was twenty years ago. Another person I used to work with came home from a party drunk as he could be and still get his clothes off. He found them several days later, while also no having the flu or something really bad, found the clothes and found they smelled so bad he through them away and still does not smoke.


You're not alone. I'm in the 5th month of pregnancy and had to quit smoking cigars.

I really really want one, but these new, unblemished pink lungs keep popping into my mind...

Stay strong.

Stay really strong, but if you get to the point where you just gotta do it, go outside, if possible in a slight breeze. That way no second hand smoke. Was on a study for The City Club of Portland in 1988, i think it was, we were researching smoking in Public Places, as there was a law going to be put on the ballot in Oregon. Found that if your going to smoke go into the open air that way there is only one or two carcinogens get into your lungs, in a closed space many many more do a lot more harm. Not that I am giving you permission as I cannot speak for your little one.

@dalefvictor I need no one's permission for anything.

I'm also not going to smoke a cigar. I refuse to damage my child's health because of my bad habit.

@Donotbelieve I thank you, just for me.

Any craving(other than cigars)? Odd foods? Fruits out of season?Stuff normally found disgusting,now a must have?

@Mike1947 Yes. My taste buds have been completely hijacked.

@Liberty It's my fifth child. I have four teenagers.
I'm trying my hardest to enjoy it.

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