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Any suggestions on how to get my dogs flea pill down her? I shoved pills down rottweilers throats for twenty years. This one (Boston terrier) is suspicious of everything. I don't know how she knows but she does.

freeofgod 8 Aug 26

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My vet taught me a foolproof way to get pills down my cat, and I'm betting it would work equally well for dogs. At first it seems a bit unfriendly, and would be if the patient were human, but pets don't seem to carry the illusions of dignity that we do so...

First place thumb and opposing finger on either side of mouth at the very back corners and press inward. To escape this uncomfortable pressure the pet opens its mouth. While maintaining the side pressure, with one smooth, swift move place pill on tongue and with one finger push the pill toward the back of the throat past the point of no return, then immediately give happy-talk rewards, petting etc. If it comes back up you didn't push far enough.

After a few times it becomes routine and the pet doesn't seem to mind. Having to wash hands afterwards notwithstanding it's the easiest, quickest way I have ever known to consistently get that pill where it needs to go.

I now see below, rogueflyer had it right. It's the way the vets do it when you aren't looking.

skado Level 8 Aug 26, 2018

Cream cheese. I give mine brewers yeast every day they just eat them I don't need to trick them. Have not had one flea since I have had them. My cats even eat the brewer's yeast no tricking is involved.

That's a new one.

Brewers yeast works well but as you say, every day.


Peanut butter .

I agree, peanut butter.

We were working in a separate warehouse like building at work , which had a mouse problem . Peanut butter on the traps worked every time .


I have a terrible time with my dog. I finally found out that he likes liverwurst. I cut the pill up in small pieces and wrap each piece in a glob of liverwurst. Then I hand feed him giving him some pieces without the pill. What a process. I do,the same thing with his heart worm pill. Good luck!


My mother stuck the dog pill in a cheese cube.

She made Lady sit.

Showed Lady the cheese, and tossed it into the air. Lady caught it in her mouth and swallowed it.


Hold their mouth open and push it down their throat. Sounds difficult but it's not. You have to get it back past the tongue.

She's a boston. Almost no nose. So she chokes on them.


I use liverwurst. It is plyable and can bemolded around any pill. Dogs adore liverwurst.

Tried potted meat. She licked it off.


Tuck the pill into a bite of cheese or weiner.

Too quick for that.


Piece of hot dog, cut a slit in it and put the pill in the slit.

She must smell the pill. She'll catch all except the one with the pill hidden in it.


Yes! Put them into cream cheese cut from the bar.
Works like a charm!


There are snack 'pill pockets' that you put the pill in and then give it to your dog. Mine loves the snack and she gets the pill, none the wiser. For the cat, we have to resort to a pill syringe-like device. Pull out the plunger, insert pill and re-insert the plunger. Insert the syringe into their mouth, push the plunger down and the pill is inserted into the back of their throat and then let them go away, mad but medicated.


I use a liquid treatment that you apply to the back of the neck; it kills fleas, their larvae, and all sorts of worms and other parasites. It’s called Advocate here in the UK.

Profender or Revolution here in Canada


I found peanut butter worked well, just surround it with a gooey mass and let her take the whole thing off your finger.

constipates her.

@freeofgod Sounds like you need to take her to the vet for a shot as she won't swallow the pill.

@Surfpirate , I've tried to outsmart her for a year now. I've had dogs all my life. This one is different.

@freeofgod get another dog, one that's not smarter than you 😉

@freeofgod just teasing you of course, we had a Bouv like this, very clever at discerning pills in food. It helped if you waited until she was good and hungry and then gave her the pill before you fed her

@Surfpirate , LMAO That's funny. LOL. I've shoved pills down rottweilers for twenty years. This is my second boston and she has almost no nose to grab onto. And allergies that means she has to take more pills than most.

@freeofgod If the pill is water soluble you may be able to break it down into a liquid form with distilled water and then squirt it down her throat with a syringe like the kind they use for children's cough syrup. Check with your vet on that one.


I've had issues with this as well. I've used the 1-2-3 method with some success. 1- treat with no pill followed by 2-treat with the pill followed by 3-right away treat with no pill again. They have to be pretty treat motivated for it to work so they're anticipating treat 3 as they swallow treat 2 with the pill. without realizing it. I had one dog I had to use sliced deli meat. I had to be careful not to touch the pill with my hands, just drop it on the counter and wrap the meat around it without touching it. If I touched the pill then touched the outside of t treat ball, he wouldn't touch it.

Maybe that's it. I know there's something giving away where the pill is hidden but she picks it out every time.

I have tried everything you mentioned, and everything everyone else has suggested, except not touching the actual pill.


My dogs catch and devour food. I just wrap any pill they do not voluntarily consume in a piece of cheese, bread, or meat and toss it to them. I immediately chase the pill loaded food with non loaded food to ensure the pill goes down while they are worried about the second toss.


My only experience is with pilling cats, and it's pretty much what skado described. Is there an alternate form for the medication? Might be time to explore that.

There are injections but I'm trying to avoid those. It's hit and miss.miss.miss.miss.... I'm going to find a way. Just hitting on the right method is the thing. The really short nose is the biggest problem.

I know someone is going to say 'stretch her nose'. LOL


Get a bag of pill pockets at the pet store. They work great with my dog. They come in all a dog's favorite flavors.

Tried them. She's to suspicious for that. She won't even eat a treat from the vet or bank until we've gotten home and she inspects it.


I do not care for ingested poisons for dogs....much prefer topical, you can remove them if dog has a bad reaction. But, if you the pill & put it aside, quietly. Dogs notice more than you think....if you combine this action with making yourself a sandwich or coffee, the dog will not go on alert!
Later, Enrobe the pill in a teaspoon or 2 or 3 of Chunky peanut butter. I used to have a dog that would lick off the peanut butter, then spit out the pill, but if I held another bit of peanut butter right in her face she would swallow the first blob to hurry up & get the second blob.


Take a little ball of cheese and soften it up and shove the pill in the middle of it


i have a dog that hauls ass the opposite way when i crinkle the package.... then i have a couple that come thinking it's a treat. none of them like to take pills. the BEST way i have figured out is to crush the pill into a powder between two spoons. then scrape it and put it into a clean spoon (because when you crush it, part will stick to both spoons). after i scrape it off into a clean spoon i dump it into the dog's mouth and hold mouth shut until they move their mouth/tongue around. that way they CAN'T spit it out. follow up with a treat..

Pretty sure she smells the meds. She walks off and leaves the paste.

I can't hold her snout. She has a very short one.

She hides under the bed when she sees the ear wash bottle in my hand.

@freeofgod wow smart dog! i tried to give pills to mine stuck inside cheese/PB/etc and the pill gets spit out


Depending on how bad the fleas are, I found, many years ago now, the use of garlic pills kept fleas in check. And, for what ever reason, my cocker thought they were treats and ate them excitedly. I don't remember the dosage, something to check out online or with your vet.


Tried them. She's different. Won't even eat a treat from the vet or bank drive thru until we get home and she can inspect it.


Chop the pill into smaller pieces and put it in a meat treat.

She roots every crume out.


Inside a piece of hotdog, in some peanut butter, non hydrogenated of course.


I use generic Capstar- Nitenpyram sold on ebay. One capsule inside a meatball of canned food. They swallow it quickly.

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