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Just wondering, how many feel like I do. I am a vet, so maybe that does influence my thoughts. I am a liberal and would have never voted for John McCain, however, he was a conservative I held in some respect. Others? My self won't be hurt by anything said. We are now in a deep divide.

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Beowulfsfriend 8 Aug 27

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Agree with what? Your questions are unclear to me.

I think McCain was an evil warmonger who also sold out to Trump, but he did sometimes show some ethics and finally did start opposing the Trump policies.

The question basically boils down to was he some what respectable as a conservative. I disagree that he sold out to Trump. I won't argue his push to war, especially Iraq. As I said I would never vote for him, and my opinion may be tainted as a navy vet. Still I am very liberal. Follow in my father's footsteps. A great admirer of FDR.

@Beowulfsfriend In FDR's time, his party was like the democratic socialists today. NOT the same.

@birdingnut im not comparing McCain to FDR. Far from it. As I said, I would never support McCain's politics.

@birdingnut my father was a great admirer of FDR.


Me too...didn't agree with his policies (I am assuming b/c he was republican, but I also don't like the democratic platform), but from what I could tell he was level headed, had integrity, and understood that compromise was a necessity in a country with so many different beliefs.


He deserves respect. Fuhrer Trump would not read a prepared statement by his staff and refused to keep flag at half mast at White House. He is a POS showing his childlikeness.


If anything causes me to respect John McCain, it was this speech:


I have some respect for him. He remained a POW when he could have gotten out early because his father was an Admiral. I applaud him on not taking advantage of his position. However, nepotism was in full force when he got into the Naval Academy because he likely would not have been accepted. He did manage to garduate 3rd from last in his class and still manage to get a pilot slot (only the top few of the graduating class get pilot slots), so more nepotism. He wasn't a safe flyer and had crashed a plane prior to being shot down and captured.
His politics were iffy and he might have been a a reasonable GOP president instead of W back in 2000, but I have no doubt we would still be in a never ending war in Afghanistan after 11 Sep. He wouldn't have gone into Iraq because that was personal for W, but the housing crash would've still occurred regardless. The money poured into the military industrial complex wouldn't have been as much because Iraq wouldn't be a factor, but McCain would've still promoted military spending. Who knows, he might have found a different country to invade, but his position on torture might have saved us from all those horrible Abu Graib torture photos.
In the end, he was extremely fortunate because he was born at the right time to the right parents.

Having been in the Navy, yes McCain did get special treatment or advancement. He did, however, refuse early POW release which he was offered as father was an acting Admiral. Again, as I said I would never have voted for him. I think attacking Afghanistan was inevitable by whomever was President. If you study it, the initial invasion and working with individual war lords went well and we may have been able to eradicate ,or nearly do so, the Taliban, however, Bush II tried nation building instead of a loose coalition of leaders meeting from time to time in Kabul and of course went off on his whimsical and stupid plan to attack Iraq, thus destabilizing the entire region.


My respect for McCain nose-dived in 2008 when he a) kept pinhead Palin on the ticket and b) caved to the far-right radical elements of his party. End of the day, he proved to be no maverick when it mattered...


McCain was nowhere near the worst of the conservatives. Most of the time, he did have ethics. However if pressured he'd flip flop to get along with his fellow republicans.

When he ran for president and chose Palin as his running mate, in retrospect it makes me wonder just how long he had brain cancer.

He never seemed to me to be playing with a quite full deck for awhile.
But it's my understanding that glioblastoma multiforme moves VERY QUICKLY.
Lost my beloved father in law to it. He lasted 14 months after diagnosis.

If I'm remembering correctly the oncologist said, and this is FRIGHTENING, with a glio you could be fine, cancer free one month, and 4 months later it's hitting you hard.
It's a very lethal and fast moving brain cancer.


I didn't vote for him either when I was in.
I usually don't go for Republicans. However you could tell he wasn't motivated by malice or greed like 45. The country lost one of the few remaining reasonable Republicans and that's a shame.


The political system is not meant to divide our nation it is meant to make us work harder to be better.


McCain was someone you could agree to disagree with, someone with who you could disagree on most all policies but still respect as a person. How many Republicans left can I say that about. Off hand, I can't think of any.

gearl Level 7 Aug 27, 2018
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