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I booked my October vacation to Maine today. I'm excited I never took a trip by myself before. I'll meet you in Maine 🙂

confidentrealm 7 Aug 31

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Spent a summer there as a camp counselor.

Moose have the right of way - the water is cold - and the natives are really laconic - you'll enjoy it! 😉

Bring some warm clothes the nights can be really cold.


Have a wonderful time and take plenty of pictures that you won't share with us! 🙂


If my memory serves me well, there is a lighthouse which is the far East place in the country. May want to consider and have your picture taken

Portland light head. I plan on it.


I HOPE the colors are perfect


I love it there. Enjoy!




Enjoy! I have been to Acadia, Bar Harbor and Kennebunkport.


I love Maine have been to Kennebunkport many times never made it to Castle rock never had quite enough time for that trip.


Have a safe Journey!


I love vacations alone. I am never alone for long. I always make new friends


Have fun! I can't imagine why going NORTH would be fun, but to each his or her own.

I try to live as far south as I can.

I have wanted to go to Main in the Summer for years. I saw a show with tidal pools along the coast that looked like aquariums made of rock. Dont remember where it was in Maine though.

One of my bucket list items is to see all fifty states. I've seen 47. Maine is next. I can't wait
I love hot weather but I'm willing to freeze my ass to fulfill my dream

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