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Donald Trump shows an unparalleled bent for shameless self-promotion. At the same time, he shows NONE of the qualities of honesty, truthfulness, rationality, intelligent or moral judgment, fairness, empathy, compassion, or even coherent or articulate speech.

What does this show about the people who continue to support the man? It shows that, down deep, each and every Trump supporter has a streak of ethnocentrism or racism, a touch of larceny, and/or a tendency toward willful ignorance (willingness to deny facts or truth) which he or she does want to admit. If these people, who largely see themselves as good people, want to be the good people they claim to be, they must fight these character flaws. That means renouncing the immoral and unpatriotic disaster Trump.

Let's Make sure that rump supporters know that we understand these facts about them and will hold their feet to the fire of public exposure. They must change their stance, or face the reality and consequences of their behavior.

wordywalt 8 Sep 3

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You can say that again.


He and his supporters are a waste of skin.


I'd have to point out that every human has a streak & touch & tendency of those attributes you've mentioned. And a lot more. It's the way we as a species are wired. I think your generalizations are colored by your own streaks/tendencies/touches of. That's not a condemnation of your observations. It's simply my opinion.

That is so blatantly wrong.

Your opinion sir.
I respect that and your right to it.


We are at an all time low for political discourse... any civil conversation that involves beliefs and opinions, really. And in general we have placed a false equivalence on the efforts of the "two sides" to get along with each other, to understand each other. It is NOT on the blue side to try to understand the racism, misogyny, anger, and fear of the other side. How does it help to "understand" that level of thinking? To excuse it? The problem is we do understand it and recognize and are now calling it what it is and we are finding more and more of these right wing a-holes digging in their heels and becoming bolder and finding out the at a HUGE portion of our fellow citizenry really is this ugly and hateful.

They see themselves as good people because they are ignorant bigots who believe every lie that feeds their base fears and resentments and see us as the bad people who are weak or who need to be silenced.

I don't see this resolving in any reasonable way until a large part of the aging population dies.

@JustLynnie I'm still fighting, as well! Just want it known that in my case, and hopefully for the rest of "my side", the gloves are off! I am not taking it easy on these vermin. I call them out at every opportunity. Taking it easy on them as the left has for decades has resulted in our current state of disintegration.

I am not sure that age is a factor. I am vehemently anti-Trump and I am 81 years old. The culture of ethnocentrism and racism among all age groups is the problem. We are not going to resolve the divide now, but we can and MUST ACT NOW to put a damper on that culture and keep it under control.

@wordywalt Age is a factor. Look at the statistics. Trump supporters heavily skew white, male, and older. In women, the skew is even higher on white and older.

@Seeker3CO Most of the white supremacists I see are under 50. Similarly, most extreme right wing politicians I see are under 60. The key discriminating factors are education level, and a white ethnocentrist culture in which the right winger lives (cognitive dissonance a la Leon Festinger)..

@wordywalt whereas I went with statistics. Anecdotal evidence... what we've come across... is the story we adopt. I know that the loudest may be young and they may yet influence the young... but the vast majority of those in support of this agenda are over 40, and many well over that


It is unlikely that the hard-core Trump supporter will engage in the kind of self-analysis or introspection required by the hoped-for change. In the face incontrovertible proof of the President's malfeasance, his supporters simply invoke conspiracy theory (the liberal-controlled deep state) to explain away or divert attention from inconvenient truths.

They won't; engage in that kind of analysis voluntarily. That is why we must force the issue and analysis on them. We must make it part of the public discourse so


I've read a few articles that lay out why some genuine conservatives would support Trump's actual policies. If people actually care, I'd probably post one of the articles...for the record I'm NOT a conservative but at least I can somewhat comprehend why strong cons like his policies.

I strive to comprehend what seems like lunacy to me bc it's very rare for real insanity to dominate.

Personally, I don't think lambasting all Trump supporters will have the impact people hope it will. That fuels our self righteous fervor, makes us FEEL great and enlightened but self righteousness is rarely a great thing.

That's not saying we should condone or ignore his idiocy. We should analyze and comprehend what's happening, just like a smart tactician works very hard to really know an enemy.

We don't need to or lambaste them. We must simply point out to them that those factors are controlling their behavior. When each person admits it and attempt to change, we need to compliment each.


I think it isn't so much willful ignorance as it is prideful ignorance, and that is much harder to deal with.

That's very true. They do seem to pride themselves on their ignorance and hatred of anything academic.

To me, willful ignorance is prideful ignorance.

@wordywalt I see prideful ignorance as including willful ignorance. Like @JimG said.


He is not able to show any of the good tributes you mentioned because he himself has never had any . He feels these show weakness in business management and therefore strives to eliminate these from his work places.

Facts not in evidence. You are not Trump...cannot know how he "feels." He does however, exhibit the the characteristics of a person with a Character and Behavior Disorder (as I was taught when I was in training to become a Neuro-psychiatric Technician in the Army).

@dahermit Sorry he himself stated so. You cannot let peoples feeling enter into your business because it will cost you money.

@Marine If you will forgive me, you seem to not have an understanding or formal education in either psychology or the science of business management styles (See: McGregor's Theory X, Y, etc.). As for him stating something, that cannot be taken as truth...people lie and have hidden agendas, and are often just plain wrong. He is afterall a character-behavior disorder person, or at least fits the profile of one.


I have a hard time talking to Trump supporters. I want to smack them with a 2x4, which generally shuts down conversation.

Well damn! I'm not coming to your house!

@bigpawbullets and that makes me so sad.

Yeah one from a Southern Pine cut down sometime around 1900 measuring 2 in by 4 in not that crap they sell today ?

A manly club.
I salute your taste in weaponry.

@bigpawbullets thankyou, but I'd druther build with it.

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