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Are hairy women/men attractive? How hairy do you like your men or your women? Send pics! ?

Atheist1 4 Sep 4

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Nope. I like smooth bodies, which is a reason why I usually date Asian men.


I have heard of this referenced as the lion's mane effect. The lions with the darker manes seem to be more aggressive and tend to win more battles. In our primitive brains, this is in some people a subliminal message of a more protective mate.


On a man, I prefer a neatly trimmed beard and moustache and lots of chest hair I can run my fingers through. On myself and on ladies, I prefer no hair, nowhere but the head. That's just my preference, not to say I don't find other looks attractive, but there is no allowance for back hair...that has to be shaved off.


Ha Ha Ha Ha

Jacar Level 8 Sep 5, 2018

Twice as much hair is twice as good


I don't think shaving bodies is a good idea for either gender and I stopped shaving my legs several years ago. Luckily, I no longer grow leg hair.

I liked my ex's thick fur.


Totally bald underarms and private parts are a little ridiculous. The hair is there for a reason. Do a super nice trim up job and I like that a lot better please. 🙂


Idk, you tell me 😉 hahahahah

But I do like groomed fur on a mate

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