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I may say.....

By Sheannutt9
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Out of the people I see posting the most you strike me as an absolute sweetie, whether you swear or not smile001.gif

ipdg77 Level 8 Sep 5, 2018

Thank you very much, I do have my moments where I cuss like a sailor. Like my son always says do not poke the bear.

@Sheannutt Your photo shows a nice smile, presumably the smile on the face of a tiger? lol


I swear like a trooper, whatever that actually means, but I tone it down when I need to but I think of myself as an honest, decent, fair minded sort of chap with no tolerance for the mean and selfish or for fuckwits (damn it slipped out!) in general smile001.gif

ipdg77 Level 8 Sep 5, 2018

I tend o use swer words sparingly myself. I usually use them only for emphasis. If you swear too often you start to lose use of a wide vocabulary.


I went on a group hike last week and one of the women on the hike was a xtian (guessing about her comment "God is so wonderful to create such beauty" ). She was wearing a shirt that said "Fuck Cancer" and I said "I really like your shirt and the sentiment about cancer". She said "Yeah, it's my x-husband's shirt. I don't like to say bad words". Go figure. I should have said you mean the word FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!?

It makes me wonder if they see this word written aren't they saying that in their head, so basically they're saying the word fuck in silence?


To fucking right smile001.gif


As the cave men said "fuckin A"

Bobby9 Level 8 Sep 5, 2018

You may find this intriguing []

azzow2 Level 9 Sep 5, 2018

What great reading I enjoyed it thank you for sharing ??


What a fuck am I going to say here????....I rest my case ???


These days when I read people complaining about swearing, I think about how Bill Cosby used to pontificate against it... so ya. Fuck him.

Umbral Level 8 Sep 5, 2018

Nice people swear. Deal with it!

Hathacat Level 9 Sep 5, 2018

I agree 100%, more often than not, the sailor comes out in me

Woodron Level 7 Sep 5, 2018

6 years in the Army, I can swear like a sailor, maybe worse (or better)


I do too. Trying to curb It! At least at work.


Fuck them!! Lol

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