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Dear Aliens ?

Sheannutt 9 Sep 6

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Sadly true. Intelligent life has left the planet.


They can come to my house I don't follow any thing like that.


They are HERE !!!!..... ( Ha ha couldn't resist)


Two types of movies with aliens in them, the kind where we try to kill the aliens whether they are hostile or not and the kind where the aliens have already figured out that we are a parasitic species that is dangerous and invasive so they move immediately to kill us.

Then there is Mork and Alf or Martian

That has always bothered me, because that is the reality of people. Different? Well we must need to kill them. ?


Aliens won't visit us until we have achieved the technology for Warp speed space travel and removed the ignorant urangutan from office..???


Then there are the others pounding on your spacecraft doors saying, "Take ME!", "Get me out of here!"


Thats about it.


Once you get by that we're not too too bad really.

Trying to sell our soft, chewy centers, are ya? 😉


I think this is why they haven't visited yet, or if they have they kept a low profile 🙂

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