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Boy, those tricky questions sure are tricky. gotta be careful and not talk yourself into knowing something.

hankster 9 Jan 22

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Did you stop beating your spouse?

Seriously though... it's ok to know stuff. Just make sure that you can show it.

spousal abuse is not funny man. imo.

@hankster I think @hlfsousa is taking your point to the extreme here.

i understand his intentions were not bad, but having some experience with this, my reaction was perhaps harsh. sorry for that, but I stand by my comment.


Wait! Is this a tricky post?


They are tricky tricksters..they need to stop.


Imagine learning something new?

spanish and yoga


Tricky Tricky Tricky......


Song starts at 1:10.


If you know a trick, you can pay a trick, to do a trick and the, trick will be revealed .


Everybody is expert in only need to ask them!! @hankster you stay out of that 'tricky' hear me now?

well if we consider an ex as a has been and a spurt as a drip under pressure.

@Rugglesby...would that fall under hypothecate?

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