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Stormy Daniels Releases Memoir Book-Full Disclosure-More Aggravation For Fuhrer Trump

sassygirl3869 9 Sep 12

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It felt impossible to counter the claims by those I know voted for trump when they’d instantly describe, “It’s because you hate him.” Or, “You’re just a Democrat.” Or, “You need to give him a chance.”

I try not to ‘hate,’ but view/ed him as a disgrace to both men and humanity. And, he’s had ‘his chance.’

What now of his minions … those touting their “Family Values.” Have they given up? Have they read even one book about him? Has everything they dislike become ‘Fake?’ Is he what they want their son to become, or daughter to become victim to? Do they still wear their red hats? Have they no shame…

Yup, Storms from every direction ~

Varn Level 8 Sep 12, 2018

I think he can't be aggravated enough. I'm hoping his brains explode.

Still slogging through volumes on WW2 (rise & fall of the 3rd reich), the pareles with trump & hitler are ..uncanny! They called hitler a ‘carpet chewer’ over the fits he’d throw; I envision trump doing the same..

@Varn We live in scary times.


Hopefully, a death of a thousand cuts.


The more the merrier


Trump has sure been a boon to the publishing industry......

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