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Did you lose friends because Trump? Did you reconcile? Did you make new politically like minded friends instead?

Redcupcoffee 7 Sep 14

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I do not like Trump, did not vote for trump, did not make or lose friends because of the idiot. Continuing my life, best I can without the idiot. πŸ˜‰


Yes. Trump had been the ultimate divider. Some relationships lasted through the Bush debacle for 8 years. But as I saw the tribalism of some people i had known for years i realized that there was very little i still had in common with them. I found their "siding with anyone (pedophile, sexual assaulting narcissistic liar, or even the Russians) before supporting American Democratic party people...aka the stupid fucktard liberals" was something I could no longer handle. I was the stupid fucktard liberal they hated so much. Their hippocracy and fake outrage and purposeful misunderstanding over certain events (like the nfl players taking a knee to peacefully quietly protest the killing of unarmed black people); their false equivalence to compare the actions of the different parties...for example, holding up many many federal court appointees for an entire year and saying the democratic party delaying Kavanaugh's appointment is the same thing. The need to justify the despicable actions of their republican party members just so democratic people can't get a win, even when it's defending or downplaying the most horrendous of things, like separating children from their immigrant parents. These republican trump supporting friends of mine acted nice in person, but on social media were vicious and unreasonable.
I just couldn't do it anymore and act like everything is ok. It's not. In an attempt to surround myself with positive influences in my life, and those who will bring love and good things, I've let many of them go. I've been surprised to find that the outrage wasn't only from me. I met many people that i have found refuge with. That understand why there is so much real outrage from me.
I live in a red state and have republican propaganda shoved in my face daily while also being insulted and yelled at in parking lots by religious anti-abortion republicans that don't like my pro-choice bumper sticker. I've felt the erosion of rights and reason as the republicans have put more and more christian privilege in place of science, and more and more roadblocks are put in the way of women seeking reproductive rights including abortion. In Missouri i'm often a fish out of water. They've tried to bully me but I won't let them. But i can't be friends with these same people. Supporting trump says a lot about one's awful values. I can no longer be friends with these people.
And there have been a few people that ostracized me as well after they found out i wasn't a conservative republican. Its sad. Thank you Jerry Falwell, Lee Atwater, wayne LaPierre, karl rove, newt gingrich, george bush, donald trump, russians, mitch McConnell, rupert murdoch/roger ailes/Bill O'Reilly fox news channel, newsmax/oan, rush limbaugh, koch bros, and anyone else who has actively used despicable tactics to take advantage, use wedge issues or anything else that further divided our American community. These people have contributed big time to the tribalism that infects America. Donald trump is the symptom of a larger problem that will take decades to repair if it ever does.


I didn't lose friends, I gained enemies.


I saw an ugly side of a few people I suspected was there but the election brought out the worst in them. I cut them off social media and have no desire to see them in person now however I’m not sure how far into ending a friendship it goes. That actually helped me delete my Facebook page later (along with Zuck lying and selling everyone’s info) and escape the time sucking trolls. This site of strangers has been a solid replacement.

@Redcupcoffee I do. It was hard to let go.


Whether because of Trump or the Right Wing Agenda of intolerance of pluralism, I severed ties with some friends and relatives. I don't need people around me who are filled with such hatred and who parrot propaganda without thinking, especially when they start hating on non-Christians... I let them know they are talking about me when they say such hateful things, and then I say goodbye.

No reconciliation - as I haven't heard of any of these people changing their tune.

Yes, I made new friends through the Women's March, and the subsequent gatherings against the policies of this administration, regarding Families, Guns, Science, etc.,


I lost one friend of 14 years because of their support of the Orange ? Clown... We haven't spoken since October 2016 and I don't expect we'll ever talk again. I've made many more friends since then with like minded people who are politically active to toss out as many Orange ? Clown supporters from office as possible.

My boss used to brag about his support for him but a month ago he said, "He's such a f**king moron!"

And how did you reply to that? You'd have to choke back "Told ya'!"


I no longer speak with three former friends because their arrogance about supporting the groper helped me see I never really knew them anyway. Will we reconcile? Nope. Because I see now that I never really knew them. So, why bother? Besides, I suspect that even if they caught the groper in a sexual encounter with Putin, a small dog, two babies and a marmot....these people would find a way to justify it.


I haven't lost any friends, but I've lost respect for some acquaintances.


Yes. No. Yes.


I spent 25 years working with a group of die hard republicans - they referred to me as their token tree hugging, granola crunching, birkenstock wearing liberal. They were kidding (sort of) but I developed pretty thick skin. But even that didn't prepare me for the vicious way some of my friends (?) turned against me when I voiced my low opinion of their president. Oh well....

@Redcupcoffee tuned some of them out....turned the rest of them off. In my younger days, I would have enjoyed engaging them in spirited discussions but these days I just find myself shrugging and saying "meh". πŸ˜‰


I lost friends and I don't mind a bit. If I'd known how they felt before now we probably wouldn't have been friends.


Yes, I am not sorry to lose anyone who could support such a piece of crap like Trump!!!


I lost one friend (she and I had been friends since her son was 5; he's 25 or 26 now). We haven;t reconciled, and I don't see it happening. It's sad, but life goes one, yes?


None of the above. I have truly lost all respect for some however. ...and I have found some new ones who I did not realize were like minded....


I did lose friends but not real life or close friends. I did unfriend some relatives on FB, ya can't choose your relatives, but I don't live close to them either. I have found a few new friends through local political activities or my Humanist group. The group seems to be highly liberal.




Hating Trump as in someone that doesn't even know I exist doesn't make sense to me.


Yep. Nope. Yep.


I ended up unfriending, or otherwise blocking posts from, several less tactful Trump supporters the day after the election--I don't miss them. Although I do have a few friends who are die hard/qualified supporters and they know that I stand on the diametrically opposite side politically, we have an unspoken agreement not to discuss not just that &^%$#@! but pretty much politics in general.


As I have a rather high standard for accepting "friends" (must be rational, honest, and intelligent) The tRump virus (attacking primarily those who lack a sufficient BS immune system as a result of accepting faith (belief without evidence) as truth) did not affect any of my friends.


yes. and for the most part they were not close friends and it's their loss. there are one or two who dumped me and that saddened me, for they had seemed like reasonable people, and i am generally a good judge of character. i have dumped no real friends, but have had to block some facebook friends (meaning barely acquaintances in some cases, and more than that in others). usually i am not the one to do the leaving, unless someone turns out to be a racist, or otherwise mean.



I didn’t. The ones who liked him in the first place, most stopped. The others, we just don’t talk about him. The ones who never liked him are of course who I commiserate with.

JDRay Level 5 Sep 15, 2018

A long time ago, someone I respected said to me there are givers and takers in this world. Since Agent Orange, I believe this is true.


I would never let a friend go over something as trivial as their political views.

Normally, I'd agree with you. But, in this case, supporting the treasonous trumplegroper requires a deep level of nastiness, greed and hatred. I can't respect that and don't want it in my life (or in my home.)


Yes, no and yes...

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