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After Listening To Lying Fuhrer Trump At His Latest Press Conference Today I Just Want To Say "Shut The F-ck Up.

sassygirl3869 9 Sep 18

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I want him to talk and tweet as much as he can. I even hope he goes off the rail. The crazier the better. The dumber the better. So us you cannot read and are not really interested in the people, please.


I try to ignore him as mush as possible it's not worth one minute of my time to listen to his B.S.


Don't we all wish


I have stopped listening. I already know his crap will only get my blood pressure up.


I like Sarah Silverman and on her show she had a segment about presidents. Shut the fuck up is what she said to Trump and I fully agree. If this man could keep quiet maybe he wouldn't continually ruin my day. A month without hearing anything from him would make me start to smile again.


You like the word Fuhrer but this is a title, a show of respect. Just call him arse wipe

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