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Today was H A R D. What phase is the moon in? People just did not want to listen or they were just fussy. Then this afternoon it turned around. I talked to a claimant and I made her cry. But for her it was relief. I acknowledged her struggle and validated her frustration. She cried and I cried too. After that the day got better. One of the things I told her was "you don't know how strong you are until the only option you have is to be strong." OK, now I can do it again tomorrow.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 25

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Sending good juju your way, the week is almost over, hang in there! ????


I love it...


You sound like a sponsor. Good for you...


Physically, I can handle a lot of pain. Not emotionally though. I try to do nice things for people and they use me or don't appreciate what I did for them.

It sounds like you could use a little tlc...I learned not to do a single thing for another person, if I couldn't forget about it asap...and if it isn't a 'give and take' situation...then you ARE being used! Not all people will use you and not give back...I try to not have many of those people in my private space of life!


Fullmoon coming up in a few days.. emotional one.


The moon is just past 1st quarter.



sounds like you did a good thing


I have 3 family members that when the moon is full you run the other way when they are headed your way.


There will be days ahead in which you did so much to help that you will walk away elated! Those days make it worth it.


That is the way...cry ...clean face and start all over...been doing that all my life

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