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These Are The TV Stations That Were Purchased by Sinclair Broadcasting Which is Pro-Trump. Please Note So We Can Boycott.

sassygirl3869 9 Sep 24

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Thanks! Did not find one for NM!


I just avoid TV and try to research the news online


WSET has been based in Lynchburg, not Roanoke, since 1971 at least.


This is part of the reason why I turned off cable and get my news online.


I do so, at least during their daytime hours before they run a major network. The local 21 is CBS and it owns 15, the local CW, which has the only prime time show i watch (why i don't have cable, just internet). And CW can be seen on the internet less than 24 hours later.


Many thanks. I have a different version of the same and I have to avoid the St. Louis and Columbia Mo. stations. I'm sick and tired of hearing about Trump.


Thank You. nbc Las Vegas Noted.

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