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Yes, kneeling during the National Anthem is unpatriotic. But, don't think that standing with your hand over your heart makes you a patriot.

You want to be a patriot? Help make this country a place where no one wants to kneel during the National Anthem.

Duke 8 Sep 25

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I'm not a patriot. I was born in the US, but I don't find that to be a point of pride.


Patriotism as defined by conservatives is a fucking travesty. They equate mindless rote behavior as a measure of how much one loves his/her country: stand for the anthem, hand over your heart, recite the pledge, etc...

Recognizing that non-violent social protest IS freedom of speech is far more patriotic than just removing your hat when someone sings God Bless America.


no, kneeling during the national anthem is NOT unpatriotic! how is it unpatriotic? what does patriotic mean? what has patriotism have to do with reacting to symbols and songs, or bodily posture? patriotism is love of country (as opposed to nationalism, which is a kind of contempt for all OTHER countries). how does kneeling show lack of love for a country, especially if the kneeling is to protest against mistreatment of the people IN the country? your yes should be a NO!



If one takes a knee during our national anthem in protest of the murder of unarmed people of color by law enforcement, I regard that as patriotism.

To claim the act disrespects the flag, our military or cheeto in chief is misguided and only serves the race division in this country. We are better than that. At least, I would like to think so.


Just for the sake of argument, what makes kneeling during the National Anthem unpatriotic? Because it's not the norm? Because it's not the "rule?" Are there "patriotic rules" I missed somewhere? Sure, burning the flag, although a possible form of protest, can be seen as unpatriotic but I think that people have decided what the kneeling means without understanding it. The people kneeling are protesting what they perceive to be injustice in society, that's a far cry from being unpatriotic. I'm pretty sure if there are "patriotic rules" they don't say you have to agree with everything your country is or does. Willfully blind love and support of anything is dangerous I think.

lerlo Level 8 Sep 25, 2018

@Duke "Yes, kneeling during the National Anthem is unpatriotic"

@Duke well that's a whole different subject we disagree on 🙂

@Duke ok cool and you're totally correct 🙂


Amen and Amen!!


I am a veteran and l applaud those who kneel. Never confuse patriotism with nationalism, that is where the trouble begins.

I agree and I am also a veteran.

I love veterans! ♥️????

@SukiSue We love you too. ?


I am a Veteran solute is appropriate other Vets kneeling to honor fallen comrades is cool, also parade rest is understandable.

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