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Okay, so Cosby has been sentenced to at least three, and no more than ten years. Could this really be the first domino to fall? Or is it going to be one and done?
Like, "Look! We made an example of a celebrity sexual predator! We hear you! Aren't we great?! Now, back to business as usual."

KKGator 9 Sep 25

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If Cosby wasn't black Donald Trump would pardon him.


There is a possibility that he could get off in as little as 18 months. I had a friend that was sentenced to 6 years in prison for something similar. She admitted in court that she lied about her age. The County Attorney still prosocuted the guy because this is a no fault state. He ended up spending 3 years in prison. Good behaviour.

There's also a possibility that he won't spend much time at all in prison.
Right after leaving court, his defense team said they were filing an appeal based on an recording that they are calling "doctored", which was used as
evidence. After all this, it's entirely possible he'll walk on a technicality.
Wouldn't that just be awesome ???

@KKGator That's one reason why, when I move, I'm planning on studying Criminal Law. I don't want innocent people to have an abuser walk off scott free. I've seen people go unpunished for commiting violent crimes. It's not about the money (although be nice). It's about justice. Hovever, if you are court appointed, you might have to defend a killer.

@TheGreatShadow That definitely is a drawback. Every citizen is entitled to the most vigorous defense that the law allows, but I don't know if I could defend someone I know is guilty. I honestly don't think I could. Good luck to you going forward.

@KKGator His attorneys will use his health conditions to get him the lightest sentence that they can. Look for something like 3 years tops at a minimum security prison and time off for good behavior.

But there is the ever present "Golden rule" those with the gold, make the rules. - - Sadly, different class (financial means) people often have different outcomes from the legal system.

@KKGator Thanks for the words of encouragement. I appreciate it.

@DenoPenno I don't know what's going to happen. If I could predict the future, I'd be rich from winning numerous lotto jackpots.

@NoMagicCookie You are correct.


probably depends on the backlash or the feedback.


In the UK we had a bit of a purge on historic cases of sexual impropriety (that's not to demean a lot of which were pretty gross) so it became a bit of a witch hunt and some innocent people got scooped up in the process. But providing it's done correctly the victims should get justice so this may be the start of a domino effect.


Is he going to a resort for wealthy can they even put him in a regular prison?

I'm hearing Pennsylvania State Prison. So, not a Club Fed.

@KKGator He might not do too well in their lots of surge in that place. Grammarly kept changing there to their so I left it be.

@azzow2 They're holding him in a county facility until they decide which state facility has the most appropriate geriatric services for him.

Well, that did happen to Pablo Escobar. I think he'll be disappointed with the food. No, there isn't a menu in there.


I think Weinstein is going to jail as well

Sure as hell hope so!

@KKGator I think donald paid people off. But they could still come forward.

@Bigwavedave I'm really hoping when he's out of office, ALL his chickens will come home to roost.

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