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Am I only one who dislike the rapid-fire questions from a stranger?
It is way uncomfortable for me. Like a job interview.

Nichole765 7 Sep 29

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No one asks me anything. I think it's because of the look on my face.

Yeah, where'd you get that look on your face anyway? 😉

resist asking you 20 questions now<<<<

Oh yeah!? If the ocean was green, and the grass was blue; what would the circumference of the moon be?

@skado That's for me to know and you to never find out.

@JustKip Looks can be deceiving.

@MichaelSpinler I would answer half of them honestly.

@BeardedWonder Your mom.

@Donotbelieve incorrect. it's actually my grandmother.

@BeardedWonder I talked to your daddy, they're the same woman.

@Donotbelieve shh. now everyone will know. 😛


It depends on what is in your profile. I have lots of info in my profile so if they don't read it and still ask lots of questions yes, it's annoying, But if you haven't written much or are vague then I would expect it.


I prefer a casual back and fourth conversation... Actually I am a bit quiet until I get to know people...

MarcT Level 7 Sep 29, 2018

I don't like to be interrogated. I find it kind of rude.


I personally like it better than someone who only has answers, but I understand your point and agree with you, ultimately. I much prefer two-way conversations.

Good point


I prefer to just chat and let the conversation go where it wants. You find out a lot more that way but that's not why i prefer it, I just made it sound like a plan or scheme 😮


I love it. I'll answer whatever, no point in wasting anyone's time.


What kind of questions are you speaking of?

For example, I don't know you You don't know me.
However we decide to message.
Instead of having a nice conversation about anything, it's like this:
Do you like movies?
Do you like books?
Do you like ice cream?
Do you enjoy sex?

No follow-up to any one question, just one after another.

@Nichole765 just sounds like someone who doesn't get the fine art of casual conversation; maybe hyper?


It bugs the hell out of me as well.


Same here. Something like that triggers my stammering


it doesn't sound as if it would necessarily be pleasant but since it hasn't happened to me (and isn't likely to happen to me) i don't know for sure. unfortunately it is one way scammers get to know you, so be careful.



It's probably a sign of social awkwardness but still wanting to connect.


hmmm speed dating might not be for you then 😛


nope. i like to get things straight, especially if i am going to be investing my time with someone. i value my time and look for deal breakers off gate. dating is a job interview. if it was treated as such more would have success rather than assuming or going on emotions. if this is the context of your question.


Wow! Someone talking to me? Fire away!


So,vocal speed much like an Auctioneer? No time to compose answers,thoughts all a jumble? Almost like Psychological Warfare?


No. I agree with you. It can be a bit uncomfortable at times. I've never been good at opening dialogue, but when people really take the time to get to know me I'm just a shy guy hiding behind a nervous extrovert shell. 🙂

As many of us are,I never participated in sports in High School,what you would call a loner,or nerdish.Slow to make friends,no girlfriends,so no Senior prom(did I miss much?)The draft was getting close,so while my class mates were marrying and having kids,I was in Southeast Asia,with the Air Force working on aircraft, in the heat and humidity of Thailand.


I prefer to be asked questions, although I only like them one at a time. It's hard for me to talk about myself (unless I am drunk). At times I even get annoyed by that..i am a strange individual


I don't get rapid fire questions. I tell people to slow their roll.


I don't even poll here. So I agree with you. I am a "No" to strangers kind of guy. Got to see them dance first.


Thats right I agree


So are you referring to a job interview? Can you elaborate on this?

Nooo.. meeting someone online.


Ask me no questions, I tell you no lies.


The best way to keep that from happening is by not providing short, closed answers.

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