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My sister and brother-in-law own a bodaga in town. He's from India. She's not.
Two months ago, it was robbed. Gunpoint. Took some money, cigarettes, candy. Guy was never caught.
Last night, another guy attempted to punch him bc he refused to sell alcohol. My BIL swung back. Called the police.
In this small town, nearly every gas station has been robbed. One specific store has been robbed three times. Guns, hammers, a metal chain.
My theory is all the targeted ones are being managed by foreigners. People don't see them as hard-working, family -oriented community members.
Some are even scared to call the police bc of their legal status/work visas.
I understand socioeconomics, but this feels targeted. Directly towards who appear Muslim (but are actually Sikhs)

Sidenote:: he's Sikh. My sister was raised Southern Baptist, now Atheist. They make it work. But thats another post for another day

Nichole765 7 Sep 30

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Serious question
I thought Sikhs didn't cut their hair. Is he practicing or just identifies as Sikh from his background?
PS worked in India and found Sikh's the most easy going, rejecting caste.

He identities himself as Sikh, but has been here several years.


Maybe it's time to start shooting robbers and let the cops worry about the questions.

Angus Level 5 Sep 30, 2018

Some people are ignorant. Know nothing about world cultures. Most likely trumpsters-White Trash.

Could have never guessed that would be your response.


Thanks for sharing the story.... really sad.


No one should be robbed, period! I have to agree with you as to what you have reported...surely they can report, because that behavior adds up! And if the foreign businesses are being says to me that they are being seen as ‘less than,’ and deserve to be robbed, especially if the police are not taken action to find these robbers!


You state the obvious. Criminals pick what are perceived as the easiest targets. Just like any predator does. The best thing you can do is convince these folks to become 'hard' targets.

I encourage my sister and BIL to visit the other stores. Discuss ways they can be more aware and protected. Communicate with each other.
Also the police need to let them know they are protecting them as well, regardless of their citizenship.

@Nichole765 Police do not protect anyone. Police enforce the law (per Scalia). The law should not distinguish among humans.

Excellent advice Nichole.
I'd suggest your brother-in-law contact the police and garner their assistance in setting up a "neighborhood watch area". Have him contact his fellow shop owners and invite the police to a group meeting. I'd also recommend he take an approved concealed carry course, get a CCW, and protect himself, his wife, and his property. This is America.


90% of the customers I deal with daily are Muslim. I have learned a lot in the last few years about their religion and culture... and I respect their beliefs. (I have only shared my views with a select few and they seem to respect my beliefs.) They are actually A LOT harder working than most of their "white bread" counterparts from what I have seen. Working during Ramadan and sweating it out daily for a month with nothing to eat or drink during daylight hours would kill most of my other customers!

It is sad that they are all judged by the criminal behavior of a few! I thank my lucky stars, that I have NEVER behaved like that toward anyone! I judge each person that I find before me! Now, I do find the GOP seem determined to stay on the same wavelength...but, I still try and relate to each one with an open mind! I would not shut them down and lump them into the same ‘pile!’

@Freedompath "I judge each person that I find before me!" It is hard not to judge. That is something I struggle with... Being an opinionated asshole sometimes.

@RiverRick I am major opinionated, but I know that all people have ‘good and bad’ in our nature! I try and extract the good in others, it works better for me!

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