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What music does for me how about you? ????

Sheannutt 9 Sep 30

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Firmly believe.....also would depend on type of music....some would not apply.


I keep a radio on at all times, does that count?

I do not see why not, it plays music.


Otis Rush dies at 84. He was a mentor for many modern day Blues men. It's a sad day.


Ahh.....I knew I was on to something with my obsession with music.


Yup..I read that, so keep going whenever I'm online, and when watching TV, I often turn to the Thai version of MTV instead of continuing to watch the depressing news channels.


Variety. This week it's Steam Punk. I have no idea what's next. But I do always come back to late sixties rock.


Free to recall without technology a plethora of wonderful music, I also use music as a reliable escape into whatever universe I choose.

Many of the most moving moments of my life have been centered around music.

Music makes many of the movies great.

Music provides such freedom. I could not imagine a life without music.


Music soothes the savage beast!

It soothes lots of us others too. ?


Music is playing in my home all day long, 7 days a week.


Even Death metal?! ?

Especially Death Metal! Keeps me sane and others safe ??

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